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INSURANCE     07/04/2016
I'm average about 1.4k per year, and that includes the house and two vehicles. And No senior cit... More »
brown water in South woodland hills     07/04/2016
Nope, not my neck of the woods I don't. (SWH)... More »
What kind of plumber forgets to glue PVC pipes?     07/03/2016
It was probably the joint that made him forget. ... More »
Was driving in town today when     07/02/2016
@14valentine: I thought it was ribbed to give her more traction. ... More »
Re: Happy 4th y'all     07/01/2016
Lets do this! [img][/img] ... More »
Re: "How Hot Is It?"     07/01/2016
Lets do this! [img][/img] ... More »
Re: Popsicle addiction     07/01/2016
Lets do this! [img][\img]... More »
Re: Frozen strawberries?     07/01/2016
Lets do this![img][/img]... More »
Obama     07/01/2016
@laikalou2: Are you listening to those UBERconservative radio show.... STOP IT! They jus... More »
Was driving in town today when     07/01/2016
@mm4731: I'll help, I never give up on a free freak show! and this should be interesting..... More »
New Here     07/01/2016
@Retired_Engineer: If a tree is in the way, that's not a clear line of sight now is it.... More »
Was driving in town today when     07/01/2016
@mm4731: She supersize it, she figured it was just 47 more cents.... More »
I was thunkin     07/01/2016
Pictures? Pay a little more and get you a robot lady! [youtube][/yout... More »
Elio car     07/01/2016
@photographer: Three wheeled vehicles are a allowed on hov free of charge.... More »
Kids Breaking Into Cars - Woodspring Forest     07/01/2016
4 hitches in one knight, muse be some kinda record. And photographer gave away his lurking aco... More »
For the love of dogs     07/01/2016
@deltadawn: It just made fart more and louder. Must be why they gave it the name.... More »
pickles     07/01/2016
I pickled some mangos last week, can't wait for them to be ready! :yum:... More »
"How Hot Is It?"     07/01/2016
@Retired_Engineer: You mean south....?... More »
Beautiful morning     07/01/2016
I've decided to turn this weekend into a 4 and a half day weekend. But I need to go in this morning ... More »
"How Hot Is It?"     07/01/2016
It’s so hot that… I saw squirrels fanning their nuts! ... More »

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