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Favorite Presidential candidate?     10/16/2015
Cruz... More »
JJ Watt is.......Batman!     10/16/2015
Nope, we all know who the authentic bat is, @zbatcar. He has the car to prove it. ... More »
smileys, emojis, and other cool s#@t     10/16/2015
I have no idea how I got on this post... I was in my op now here I am.... :p I mustuv clicked a l... More »
smileys, emojis, and other cool s#@t     10/16/2015
I saw a lot of nooks on here, I've been lurking, and I knew someone had the list, I can tell there ... More »
Emoticons     10/15/2015
Who has the latest list?... More »
Family smoking around kids     10/15/2015
@RogueHippEE: Go, and you and the kids can stay outside. If there is no cover, be prepared t... More »
That ain't right ... he says     10/15/2015
@mm4731: :looking : It's not like I try to hid it... lol ... More »
That One Friend     10/15/2015
Yup, that's me, just ask lola.... More »
I can't endorse day old coffee     10/15/2015
I've gone half blind on day old coffee bro, don't do it!... More »
That ain't right ... he says     10/15/2015
Terrence Wise is a 36-year-old, 2nd-generation fast-food worker. He's been in the industry for nearl... More »
Thank you.     10/14/2015
What in the first world drama crap is going on in Starbucks these days? ... More »
Dating at 54     10/13/2015
Hmmm Tattoos?. ... pass.... More »
GQ's sexiest woman alive:     10/13/2015
BBQ guys needle is on a constant 450deg. , I thought....... More »
Activities for teens     10/10/2015
Dig a pit and fill it with tree branches, put some gas in it and lite it on fire. Ask the teens to t... More »
Lower back pain     10/09/2015
1. Your getting old 2. Your getting fat 3. Your getting lazy Be more active, loose some pound... More »
Activities for teens     10/09/2015
@HotterThanYou: In other words nowhere in kingwood for a teen to go out and play? Hmm....... More »
Safety an Issue with Temps Over 100     07/20/2015
@kwtx66: Without Joe , alot of peeps hear would be dead by now. Thanks for keeping them in t... More »
Sooo would you walk across your street NEKKED     07/16/2015
Again? Dude stop checking out my ass.... More »
Good morning, everyone!     07/16/2015
@Stealth83: If you think the peeps here have a life, my friend you need a pulse. ... More »

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