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House info     04/14/2016
@Maisey1: He must have shot Nana too.... ... More »
biscuits in a tube     04/14/2016
@donnatella: You'll be fine gorda, I've been without a filter for years. Filter free r... More »
House info     04/14/2016
@Maisey1: Your story is boring, my ghost story that my kids and I came up with sounds better... More »
biscuits in a tube     04/14/2016
Like Nana used to say, "Just cause you put testicles on an a biscuit, don't make it a man."... More »
House info     04/14/2016
@Burnsway: Yes, A tree did fall on it and a small boy that used to attend Woodland Hills Ele... More »
Shell on Kingwood Drive pump problems     04/14/2016
@ebe001: I'm guessing you don't carry a purse ither, if it takes that long, you mam, are hau... More »
Installing A Ceiling Fan     04/14/2016
@FoFa: I'm sure he followed the request to the "T". Request : " Hang ceiling fan by... More »
Installing A Ceiling Fan     04/14/2016
@Retired_Engineer: That's cause they're natural lighting. ... More »
Buying a car sucks!     04/14/2016
@mandib7780: Good reliable cars. 100k drive train warranty. ... More »
Bernie Sanders Proposes National Ban     04/14/2016
I propose a national ban on "The Bern". ... More »
Shell on Kingwood Drive pump problems     04/14/2016
@ebe001: Don't lie, putting the credit card away takes less than a few seconds. You were pos... More »
biscuits in a tube     04/14/2016
@dotti573: This is a myth. And an old blond joke I think.... More »
Paul Ryan:"Count Me Out!"     04/12/2016
SUCK IT!... More »
Door to Door Salesmen     04/11/2016
Some one needs to invest in a better camera. ... More »
Gluten Free     04/09/2016
@Odin: To add to the list ... Carl's Jr Smash burger Red Robin ... More »
Job interview question     04/08/2016
I think he basically said that you got the job. Now it's up to you to work and keep it. ... More »
WTF was that!     04/07/2016
I saw one of those things on the Rio grande when I was a kid. It was about 150ft long and too large ... More »
Does anybody use a TENS unit for chronic pain?     04/07/2016
@dotti573: Sorry I shook your tree too hard. Not trying to offend anyone. It's been a while... More »
Running the board     04/07/2016
Stupid prizes from stupid games. ...but I liked that stupid prize.... More »
Went for my annual physical today     04/07/2016
This is while I prefer female doctors. Yes, smaller fingers is best. Unless, that is, you like that ... More »

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