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Yo topcat     06/18/2015
I'm in the market for a karaoke system, whatcha using girls?... More »
How do define marriage?     06/18/2015
Yes mam.... More »
Re: Starting a business....     06/18/2015
I'm trying to bring a new vet to the area... about 10-15 min from Kingwood.... More »
Re: Starting a business....     06/18/2015
@Fallon: What experiment are you running? ... More »
Re: Starting a business....     06/18/2015
Well it's been almost a year....... More »
Starting a business....     06/18/2015
Man, it's taking a long time...... More »
Prescription Rant     06/17/2015
sounds like someone's off their meds.... More »
Welcome to Ashley28!     06/17/2015
Noob! ... More »
Bat Car     06/17/2015
He's a nice guy. Just don't make him put that mask on or make him come find you. Once the mask is ... More »
So I'm thinking of ditching my iPhone...     06/17/2015
IPhone faster than andsoids? lol. The only time my android is slow, is when I have about 15 to 2... More »
Roast-A-Member     06/17/2015
It's back!... More »
A little ass on a rainy day     06/17/2015
If I can't ride that ass I don't want it.... More »
@BooBear - beef tips recipe?     06/17/2015
Just the tip? ... More »
What's for dinner?     06/16/2015
Arros con carne y calabazitas... More »
Father's Day gifts     06/16/2015
I hope I'm ready, when is it?... More »
just stocked up on essentials     06/15/2015
Foil paper hats, don't forget the foil paper hats. The end is near!... More »
Man Cave? Wife has a SHE shed     06/14/2015
@klp1972: I stand with him! Takers....... More »
If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month....     06/14/2015
"American Sniper Shoots ISIS: Head shots 24/7" ... More »
Side mirror camera     06/12/2015
@foxymama: Sumth'n wrong with your neck? Or just another excuse to lower the bar? ... More »
Side mirror camera     06/12/2015
I've seen people backup to things using their backup camera, yes, always check. ...cause you ju... More »

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