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The cold caught me off guard     11/08/2015
I was out in just a t-shirt all day. I know you pervs would have been staring at my nipples too! ... More »
Female gynecologist in Kingwood     11/08/2015
I'm looking for a female physical exam dr. Any help with that? ... More »
God sent His only son Jesus to save us from our sins     11/08/2015
@notfromhere: Why? Did I say something bad?... More »
God sent His only son Jesus to save us from our sins     11/08/2015
@Ashley28: That's why I suggested you clean the camera lens. Lint free hanky should do the ... More »
Re: God sent His only son Jesus to save us from our sins     11/06/2015
That's the sun... and you may need to clean your lens. ... More »
Re: Carson made up westpoint scholarship     11/06/2015
Well that's does it!Lie a bout Benghazi or being under sniper fire, we can accept that!But make up a... More »
HERO ordinance is defeated by voters     11/05/2015
The sign on the bathroom doors should read PENISES VAGINAS ... More »
Re: What's for breakfast?     11/01/2015
eggs and baconwith a side order of flu... More »
Re: Flipped car on LH Pkwy north bound     11/01/2015
@buffaloglenn: I aggree, she was struggling, and an automatic transmission would have made it th... More »
Flipped car on LH Pkwy north bound     10/30/2015
Doesn't take much if your a woman... [youtube][/youtube]... More »
Rent-a-suit recommendations     10/19/2015
@Brat: Why don't you go to good will and buy it for the same as a rental?... More »
Kingwood Prepper's Meet up     10/19/2015
@beadweaver: How in hell did you make a rug out of toilet paper! Now, I'm impressed! Oh... More »
Radio Flyer Wagon     10/18/2015
@allymansfield: If you leave your bra off, I'll make the coffee! ... More »
Radio Flyer Wagon     10/18/2015
@allymansfield: All you have to do is dope a bunch of privladged peeps to pay top dollar for... More »
Why the war in Syria is so confusing     10/18/2015
I thought it's mostly sand over there. I say, we treat it like an etch a sketch, shake the sheik out... More »
Person to pressure wash my home     10/18/2015
@corkey: What's "reasonable" for you. 400 may be my good price depending on features, engine... More »
is there anything I can do about this??     10/18/2015
@Chrisinkingwood: Saturdays at 3 and as soon as I get home from work, while supplies last. ... More »
Kyle Field     10/17/2015
@terilyntx: For those that are wondering what I really means to say, I was "charge"...... More »
Kyle Field     10/17/2015
@ET: Lol.... I think that came out wrong.... fn autocorrect! ... More »
Hawaii Governor Declares State of Emergency     10/17/2015
@RogueHippEE: Now that did make me laugh out fn loud....... More »

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