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Does anyone iron sheets anymore?     05/09/2016
I'm surprised that most peeps here even know what sheet are.... More »
Question for shavers     05/09/2016
Take it from a bald guy, you don't need those sissy head blade. Shave your hair short using clipp... More »
Latest Netflix series.     05/09/2016
@Odin: ZERO Boobs,.... but I do see a bunch of Dicks in turbans running round.... More »
Latest Netflix series.     05/07/2016
American Odyssey ... Good show.... More »
Delivery     05/07/2016
@Nope: Lookup uber eats and see what local businesses are using the service. ... More »
Rolling Stones has no sympathy for Trump     05/07/2016
No skin off my back, I don't have much sympathy RS or any Political punt... More »
Under attack by Mosquitoes, inside!     05/07/2016
Muslims go to mosques, does that not classify Muslims as Mosquitos. We've been under attack for year... More »
Who is a good cheap computer repair person     05/06/2016
I'm good, but I'm not cheep.... More »
Guns stolen - Sportsmans Outlet Humble     05/04/2016
I doubt they stole any "Asult" rifles, maybe "Tactical" looking or, if youre one of those libitards,... More »
Which would it be? Buh-bye forever...     05/03/2016
If it's those hard shell tacos you gringos can have them, I can live without them. I hate hard sh... More »
Re: Northpark Lane Closure     05/03/2016 @Jeff1928: They are working on the road... like ... More »
Looking to buy...     04/30/2016
Every sofa is a love seat... catch my drift... :naught:... More »
LOVE BUGS     04/30/2016
[img][/img]... More »
Top 10 Best Kingwood Businesses     04/30/2016
@Retired_Engineer: I was going to say the same thing! Damn people, best one yall's been usin... More »
whew! already pooped!     04/29/2016
Ah, woke up, my day is done! -Dog... More »
Tree fell on neighbors house.     04/29/2016
@pickles: That looks like a typical redneck back yard. I bet if you pan the camera 180° we'... More »
How are you changing your high-ceiling light bulbs?     04/18/2016
I though some posted a how-to here before using simple hose hold items found in any house. 1. Ice... More »
Any serious birdwatchers around here?     04/16/2016
I'm an avid boobie watcher. I think that makes me qualified. [img] More »
anyone know of any free summer programs for kids     04/15/2016
I found a good program called,.... Get off the Damn Playstation and go outside! ... More »
In Austin. Where should we eat?     04/15/2016
In a restaurant. ... More »

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