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jesuschrist, Welcome to!     03/20/2015
I used to be like @jesuschrist, but then I took a sin to the knee.... More »
Starts as low as $57,590     03/20/2015
I'm going to keep waiting for the 2016 ford bronco! [img] More »
Potholes.....     03/18/2015
@Croix: :laugh: ... More »
Potholes.....     03/18/2015
Ya'll need cars with bigger wheels. Stop driving them little cars.... More »
DUI     03/18/2015
@Ebola: You drinking again? ... More »
How stupid can you get?     03/18/2015
@squirtismyboy: All I'm saying is that God gave us plenty of entertainment out there, most o... More »
How stupid can you get?     03/18/2015
@squirtismyboy: Next time i see you, I'm pushing you over off the fence and into the stupid... More »
How stupid can you get?     03/18/2015
Soul man? [img][/img]... More »
Score!!!     03/17/2015
I see rat population increasing in your not so distant future. .. [img]http://upload.wikimedia.or... More »
Obama buddying up to Iran's Ali Ackbar?     03/17/2015
@ProblemAgain: I thought traditional journalism was dead, tell us, where does it live? you s... More »
How stupid can you get?     03/17/2015
Before I even go to the link, let me just say, stupid has no bounds and the followers are plentiful... More »
How do you eat it?     03/17/2015
I like to fold it then flip it, before I take a big mouth full of pie! Other times, I've just p... More »
The down side to long hair     03/16/2015
I just thought it sounded funny you long haired girls do "the reach around" for tickling hair. ... More »
We Need to 'punish climate change deniers'...     03/16/2015
I'm all for bringing back the guillotine and letting the blade fall slowly on this prick's neck. ... More »
We Need to 'punish climate change deniers'...     03/16/2015
The South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival is happening now in Austin, Texas. Running from March 9 to 22... More »
Tracking you, Track your phone     03/15/2015
If you recently lost your phone and had location tracking turned on, go here and see where your phon... More »
Bluebell kills     03/14/2015
For a sec there, I thought it said Blue Balls... And came here to agree.... More »
I passed     03/14/2015
@TheNewGuy: Sounds like you were worried about something. ..... More »
Fountains at Town Square     03/14/2015
@Fallon: I take my sunshine wherever I go, Ya'll need to stop using my sunshine and get you... More »


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