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Re: Queen     07/21/2016
@CartmanUK35: Yeah, I get it.  I'm not denying for a minute that the BMI rep says they can do i... More »
Re: Queen     07/20/2016
@CartmanUK35: That article goes on to point out that there's no clause for pulling the song for ... More »
Re: Queen     07/20/2016
@CantStandTex: If the campaign or venue has paid for the correct licensing then they have legal ... More »
Re: Queen     07/20/2016
@CantStandTex: Legally they haven't sold their rights.  If they own the publishing rights, ... More »
Re: Queen     07/20/2016
@Chrisinkingwood: I cannot speak to printed media.  I only know what the laws are regarding mus... More »
Re: Queen     07/20/2016
@ProblemAgain: Like it or not, their written denial of permission doesn't mean anything at all... More »
Re: Travel trailer/ RV lifestyle     07/20/2016
@ET: Yeah, but they call the cops when I build a fire in my room and play my guitar beside it. ... More »
Re: Queen     07/20/2016
@thegoodwife: @KingwoodDotCom, how about the ability to unthank a post, please?  I know I've th... More »
Re: Travel trailer/ RV lifestyle     07/20/2016
@14valentine: Congrats!  Hope you love it.We have an 30ft ultralight Rockwood by Forest River ... More »
Re: Queen     07/20/2016
@Jpgurl: Exactly this.  The artist can b!tch and complain all they want but once they list thei... More »
Re: How much longer to...     07/20/2016
@podunk: Unless you're Tom Brady...then it's 80.  ;-) ... More »
Re: Crockpot today     07/19/2016
DW cooked up some pork for pulled pork sandwiches in ours yesterday and the house smelled wonderful ... More »
Re: Dog nail trimming     07/19/2016
@BooBear: Really just a matter of conditioning them and letting them get used to it.  When we f... More »
Re: Ready! Aim!....     07/18/2016
@podunk: I wrote a song about that wanna hear it here it goes...Gratuitous, self-promoting, yet ... More »
Re: Buffet's     07/15/2016
@BooBear: I think dipping your lettuce in the chocolate fountain disqualifies it as a salad.  ... More »
Re: Trump picks Pence     07/15/2016
@Odin: Remember the good old days when no one had a clue about who or what the VP was all about?... More »
Re: SWH pool is Hot!     07/14/2016
@Chrisinkingwood: Our pool has been above 90 for a few weeks now.  Felt good last night when I ... More »
Re: What to do, what to do...     07/14/2016
@BooBear slashing tires...... More »
Re: Skinny Dipping at Herman park pond lake whatever you call it     07/12/2016
@ET: For both the pool and my neighbors! ... More »
Re: TENS unit.....     07/12/2016
I use mine every now and then just for the massage.  No back pain to speak of.  Dang thing just fe... More »

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