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Re: American adults get a D in science     09/11/2015
I've always loved science however... More »
Re: CC fraud @ Kroger     09/11/2015
@ForeCPA90: Hey, your trying to keep us informed and aware of a bad situation, and you corrected... More »
How Typical     09/11/2015
Of a wife like mine [img][/img]... More »
Re: Another Pets Thread     09/11/2015
Who says dogs aint smart?... More »
Re: American adults get a D in science     09/11/2015
Could things like this have anything to do with it?... More »
ISIS and Al-Qaeda     09/11/2015
#isis... More »
O.D.D.     09/11/2015
But to be fair, Heidi and Bree greet me, the DW, not. [img] More »
Alzheimer's disease may be infectious     09/11/2015
The “seeds” of Alzheimer’s disease may be transmitted from one person to another during certai... More »
Unicorns and Excessive Sun Exposure     09/11/2015
According to her son, Liang Xiuzhen’s problems began nearly a decade ago when a small mole on her ... More »
Go figure     09/10/2015
So about a week ago I found a baby garden snake in the skimmer of the pool. It was still alive, and ... More »
Re: How do you like your grits?     09/10/2015
@Chrisinkingwood: Can't really tell much difference other than grits are white, typically becaus... More »
How do you like your grits?     09/10/2015
Butter & sugar Cheese Offal (scrapple)... More »
Re: CC fraud @ Kroger     09/10/2015
@ForeCPA90: Would seem odd to get the fraudulent changes RIGHT AFTER using the pumps. Seems lik... More »
Re: TGIF Happy Hour Lunch - Rigo's Kitchen - Friday 1:30 pm     09/10/2015
Crap, I have a Dr. appt. at 2:30... More »
To NOT try is to fail     09/10/2015
#fail... More »
Team Spirit, do the Wave     09/10/2015
#wave... More »
Re: And the Sign Said     09/10/2015
Man, I wish all stated that, because, well, you just need to know those kinds of things.... More »
Re: Facebook glitch?     09/10/2015
@Ray: Bree uses tweeter, maybe I should not charge my phone in the front room. She can access it... More »
Re: Taco Bell Grand Opening, FREE Food     09/10/2015
I like their regular crunchy beef tacos.With fire sauce.I Liked their volcano tacos, but they discon... More »
Re: How Stupid are some people?     09/09/2015
@SandyKnee: To be fair, a lot of women say that about men. ... More »


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