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Re: Another Pets Thread     07/22/2015
Don't bite off more than you can chew... More »
Re: Another Pets Thread     07/22/2015
Getting rev'd up for a 3AM meow off... More »
Political Candidates     07/21/2015
The truth behind the candidates.... More »
Backdoor Gun Control     07/21/2015
On July 17 The New York Times reported on the Obama administration’s failure to get any significan... More »
Re: Something you don't see everyday     07/21/2015
What you look'n at?... More »
Re: 11 yr old GE Profile Refrigerator     07/20/2015
@GoofyGranny: Call Sears to come fix it Note - Check your outlet first to make sure there is po... More »
Re: Almonds     07/20/2015
I like the blue DiamondHabanaro BBQWasaby & SoySmokehouse... More »
Re: Lawnmower oil     07/20/2015
I usually just buy 4 cycle motor oil from Lowes/Home Depot, in the lawn mower section, and use that,... More »
Re: Old friend     07/20/2015
@Annie: I have probably used all the holes over those 25+ years, guess I haven't  lost enough w... More »
Something you don't see everyday     07/20/2015
July 16th, 2015Roo in a snow storm in a vineyardPhotographed through a window shows a Kangaroo on th... More »
Re: Free air? (For tires)     07/20/2015
@ctl74: Last time, 2013, I went to goodyear and ,it was $11 or $12 while I waited ... More »
Re: Hacked     07/20/2015
Had to Bing it, so a cheating site huh?Life is short. Have an affair.Is their slogan?... More »
Pumpkin pie     07/20/2015
Not a huge fan, but this had possibilities [img] More »
Old friend     07/20/2015
Ever get a little sentimental over an inanimate object? Have had this belt 25+ years (can't really ... More »
Another Pets Thread     07/18/2015
. [img][/img]... More »
Re: brought the old girl out of storage     07/17/2015
@Ray: Nope, got a guy wants to buy it. Maybe if I got a lighter bike, my hips would be OK.Maybe... More »
Re: OMG.....its seriously SERIOUS around here now     07/17/2015
I have dogs for that, they comfort me until I need alcohol then they seem to stay away, hummm, I won... More »
Re: Jeesch came back in the ac....     07/17/2015
@Ray: As opposed to running your A/C longer in the house to dissipate the heat from the freezers... More »
Re: Rush Hour Traffic     07/17/2015
@fcabanski: Christmas morning about 4 AM, sometimes ... More »
Re: Costco update     07/17/2015
@herron1345: ... More »


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