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Re: Wtf Suddenlink!     08/02/2016
I think it is part of the agreement so you have to watch commercials.It seems the fast forward funct... More »
Amedeos Birthday Lunch - Many Thanks, Joe......     08/01/2016
They have the best calamari ever Oh and Happy Birthday... More »
Disablilities     08/01/2016
Now even thanks to the AMA, even HELL is accessible by wheel chair.:lol:... More »
Re: Why I dont cook bacon     08/01/2016
We have one of these for cooking it in the Microwave. It does work really good, you just have to cov... More »
Why I dont cook bacon     07/31/2016
I like my bacon rare, my girls (human) think it is gross. However of I am putting it on a samwich, I... More »
Dinner     07/31/2016
I used a stir-fry pan to make it, but a skillet could be used. See how easy the instructions are. ... More »
Dinner     07/31/2016
So I went to the Wal-Mart neighbor store on NP to sew of it was cheaper than say Kroger pet HEB. I ... More »
Echo stuff     07/31/2016
Then she decided to see what I was doing, and bug me more [img] More »
Echo stuff     07/31/2016
After about 3 minutes of that, she just stared and made little noises [img]http://www.kingwood.c... More »
Echo stuff     07/31/2016
So it's about 20 minutes before their dinner, and Echo comes up and just puts her whole head in my c... More »
Air Fryer     07/31/2016
Yes, it is a type of convection oven, but as I understand it, it is easier to clean, and does better... More »
Pho- Vietnamese restaurant in Kingwood     07/31/2016
@Annie: Well, when I had a job, I worked over by 45 and Rankin, I would run over to veterans... More »
Re: Pho- Vietnamese restaurant in Kingwood     07/31/2016
Love me some Pho, go every chance I get. However the wife is not a fan.Since I live in the front of ... More »
Air Fryer     07/31/2016
Anyone have one, and use one?What brand, what can you tell me about them?... More »
Echo stuff     07/30/2016
We tried this "healthy" ice cream called artic zero tonight. My chocolate peanut butter was 150 calo... More »
Dinner     07/30/2016
My daughter made chab jae (Korean glass noodle dish) tonight. [img] More »
Bernie leaves Democratic Party     07/30/2016
The nomination was barely sealed up at the Democratic National Convention before Bernie Sanders, who... More »
Fist Fight with an Emu     07/29/2016
Just one of those got to share moments.... More »
Dracula     07/29/2016
According to Amazon, when Twilight fans read the original... More »
Re: Take a break from political garbage     07/29/2016
@DanStanton: That right there is NOT socially acceptable. What about storm coverage?What if the... More »

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