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Classic Disney Films     02/02/2016
The styles of Tim Burton and Disney couldn't be more distinct — or different. Burton is known for ... More »
Drone Threat     02/02/2016
Police in Holland are serious about developing anti-drone capabilities, and they've now trained eagl... More »
Re: Random Things     02/02/2016
#random... More »
Re: Wire hangers     02/02/2016
Man I just turned in like 50 yesterday at Ryan cleaners, they recycle them.... More »
Echo stuff     02/01/2016
Well Echo let our a few barks tonight. She makes a lot of noise, but no barking until now. Also had... More »
Zika Virus and going on a cruise     02/01/2016
So far, from I have read, a very high percentage of adults that get it, don't even know they got it.... More »
Charlie Sheen's HIV Cured!     02/01/2016
[url=]LINK[/u... More »
Honda SB commercial     02/01/2016
For the newly redesigned Ridgeline I loved mine when I had it [youtube] More »
Costco     02/01/2016
#costco[url=]... More »
Re: Echo stuff     02/01/2016
@Fallon: I wish I was video Saturday. Echo came running up behind Bree, who was trotting, and a... More »
Women Thoughts     02/01/2016
A husband asked his wife to draw what was going on in her brain[url= More »
Re: Echo stuff     02/01/2016
@dotti573: Probably saying, "Aren't you suppose to be driving instead of taking a picture?" OK,... More »
Echo stuff     02/01/2016
It's odd, she fights tooth and nail to NOT get I the car. But once in, she just lies down and enjoys... More »
Echo stuff     01/31/2016
Well, if you aren't gonna play with me, I'll just roll in the grass then [img]http://www.kingwood.... More »
Echo stuff     01/31/2016
I know it's late, but play with me [img] More »
Good place to board a dog while on vacation     01/31/2016
@Jpgurl: Just watch the mini bar charges... :lol: Holiday Kennels in Porter, they are the... More »
Echo stuff     01/31/2016
@Annie: Actually Heidi is pour biggest shedder, not Bree add one would expect.... More »
Grease Live     01/31/2016
So far, pretty good, and I'm not a musical fan typically.... More »
Echo stuff     01/31/2016
This is her fave spot, in the rounded area of the bay window, next to the water dispenser, in the br... More »
New candidate     01/31/2016
I'd vote for him :lol: [img][/img... More »

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