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Re: Ben Carson on who should be pres.     09/21/2015
@Chrisinkingwood: Well the point is, the anchor got it wrong, it wasn't about women. I'm not va... More »
Government Trust     09/21/2015
#gov... More »
Ben Carson on who should be pres.     09/21/2015
So we were watching one of the news channels (local) last night and the anchor says "Ben Carson does... More »
Re: Woman jumps from moving car after seeing spider, causing wreck, police say     09/21/2015
@alecktra: But if you do not freak, and just flick it off, it turns into a non-event. Depending... More »
Bacon!     09/20/2015
@RogueHippEE: [img] More »
Bacon!     09/20/2015
@RogueHippEE: Bacon is smoked, so not raw. I've had a "raw" bacon dish before, but it's made... More »
What is up with CVS     09/20/2015
@HollyHobby: For things nobody uses, nothing I've ever bought, well, ok, I think cvs brand f... More »
What is up with CVS     09/20/2015
And their recipts? Picked up A prescription, drive through. [img] More »
Bacon!     09/20/2015
Bacon wrapped.... [img][/img]... More »
HEB, KWD @ WLHP     09/20/2015
And a couple of her friends. Let's fill up the disabled spaces, because it is so easy for a disabled... More »
HEB, KWD @ WLHP     09/20/2015
Well, forgot a critical item from HEB this AM. So was forced to go back to a store, figured I would ... More »
Any artists round here?     09/20/2015
My DD is pretty awesome, and being a college student could use a few bucks. Here is one she did, ju... More »
HEB, KWD @ WLHP     09/20/2015
@SandyKnee: It's all about peer pressure :smile: ... More »
BooBear has a disorder..     09/20/2015
I saw the title, and didn't really read it, because I was thinking this is NOT a news flash. Move on... More »
HEB, KWD @ WLHP     09/20/2015
Maybe @donetalla doesn't shop here :lol: but I hardly notice shopping carts out of place here. That'... More »
Re: Question for my dog peeps     09/19/2015
Don't leave dog food down. Teach your dog to eat it all, then pick up the bowl.Your dog will learn a... More »
Re: Bree, the protector     09/19/2015
@HollyHobby: nope. ... More »
Automobile Batteries     09/19/2015
Interesting, only early VW bugs and Willy's keeps I ever saw with the battery under the seat. Since... More »
Bree, the protector     09/19/2015
So hired some folks to clear out my back chain link fence. Took them most of the day. Had the dogs l... More »
Re: Unforgettable Wedding Ceremonies (average folks)     09/19/2015
The Journey[youtube][/youtube]... More »


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