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Re: My Android Peeps     09/24/2015
@Maisey1: Mute your mic. Your cable you are using (I assume a cable) may not be 100% compatible ... More »
Re: My Android Peeps     09/24/2015
A reboot got rid of it, obviously something was "stuck", I hate it when that happens.... More »
Re: how old do I look?     09/24/2015
Just PM a nude photo, I'll give you an honest opinion. ... More »
Re: My Android Peeps     09/24/2015
@mm4731: Yea, that's what it looks like, but my last phone conversation it was NOT on (hour ago ... More »
Re: My Android Peeps     09/24/2015
@Chrisinkingwood: All I know is I had the annoying reset my wallpaper to default again. I did g... More »
My Android Peeps     09/24/2015
Had some kind of update last night, now I have this odd little phone ICON in my notifications bar, I... More »
Re: Funnies     09/24/2015
#funny... More »
Re: Funnies     09/24/2015
#funny... More »
PETA being PITA again     09/24/2015
A rare crested macaque monkey who snapped a well-known, grinning "selfie" should be declared the pho... More »
Re: How is Hana Sushi?     09/24/2015
It's OK, we much Prefer Red Curry or AkashiAnd both of those have other options as well.... More »
TACO's! It's what we are fixing for Supper     09/23/2015
Bacon, Swiss and mushroom meatloaf, is in the oven right now, 20 more minutes. Never had this, but ... More »
I want that treat!     09/23/2015
#battreat... More »
Is this worm from Australia?     09/23/2015
Since every damn thing there seems to kill you.Look at the jaws on that sucker.... More »
Re: Funnies     09/23/2015
#funny... More »
Re: Steak Doneness     09/23/2015
@thegoodwife: ... More »
Re: My mother in law and her mirrors!     09/23/2015
Usually small pieces you cut across the whole thing, then cut to the length you want after the first... More »
Re: Steak Doneness     09/23/2015
@Retired_Engineer: I'm with you, so I looked it up. Steaks Pittsburgh Style¬†These were popular... More »
Re: I got em ALL !     09/23/2015
@rays garage... More »
Re: It was that RAY guy again     09/23/2015
Why @ray has taken up shopping cart vandalism as of late instead of his old hang out, Home Depot. Hi... More »
Re: If I Didn't Have A Dog     09/23/2015
#dog80-Year-Old Man Builds A Dog Train...¬†Eugene Bostick, an 80-year-old retiree in Fort Worth, Tex... More »


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