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Re: Refrigerator water filter     08/03/2015
@Retired_Engineer: Spoken like a true engineer. Want to come over and do that?Like I have a liq... More »
Re: Refrigerator water filter     08/03/2015
@buddyboy: I Don't really know, this is the first time since we got the new fridge. Got this on... More »
Re: Stupid phone browser     08/03/2015
@SenseOfHumor: It's a bugs bunny thang ... More »
Re: Refrigerator water filter     08/03/2015
Fast-filters I can get 3 for just a few cents under $20.00 each.Free Shipping.Now let me just say, n... More »
Re: I have some trees close to the house that need     08/03/2015
Yes, we have a guy we use all the time. His crew is good, clean up pretty good after themselves, and... More »
Re: Can you pass our gun law quiz?     08/03/2015
I got 80% considering I have never had a CHL class.... More »
Re: Refrigerator water filter     08/03/2015
$24.00 on Amazon.So THAT is suppose to make me feel better?We didn't have a filter on our old fridge... More »
Refrigerator water filter     08/02/2015
Let me just say, HOLY COW! GE MWF filter, $49.00 for ONE! Might have to use that bypass plate. If I... More »
Sooooo whuts 'fir supper tnight at YOUR place?     08/02/2015
Baked chicken wings and corn on the cob... More »
Stupid phone browser     08/02/2015
Reposted a message from hours ago.... More »
Some maroon     08/02/2015
In a dark blue Chevy trailblazer cooing 28 mph in the left lane of KWD. Really, come on. And it appe... More »
Re: Dinner... What did you have?     08/01/2015
Tropical fruit, banana and avocado smoothie... More »
Re: Anyone having trouble logging in on their cell?     08/01/2015
nope. Awhile back it was doing that to me, like few months, where it made me log-in everytime I want... More »
Re: What we need in Kingwood     08/01/2015
What we could use is a great Banh mie sandwich shop.If it served good Pho along with it, so be it.V-... More »
Re: She put a .38 in her hoo haa??? NAWWW     08/01/2015
It's a tiny .22, and not very accurate over about 3 feet.But the stories seem to conflict. Not a .38... More »
Re: What we need in Kingwood     08/01/2015
For this area, and also being close to the front of KW, we like this one.... More »
Dinner Friday     07/31/2015
Pork belly, potato, carrot, jalapeno stir-fry [img] More »
The older I get     07/31/2015
. [img][/img]... More »
Re: I'm in for the day........     07/31/2015
@Ray: You blew a what? ... More »


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