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Dog Rescue     08/05/2015
Just a note, we appreciate you... More »
Re: How to make fried eggs?     08/05/2015
@Retired_Engineer: Actually, I like to cook my eggs in real butter. For some reason, it is even ... More »
Re: Common sense..     08/05/2015
#commonsense... More »
Coyote     08/05/2015
Saw one running across, right in front us all, on Will Clayton right after McKay. I was headed towar... More »
Re: Soo does this look familiar to you?     08/05/2015
@magnoliamam: We were traveling from Houston to Pensacola and saw them being sold on the side of... More »
Re: I got a HUMMER!     08/05/2015
That's what Bill said... More »
Re: Soo does this look familiar to you?     08/05/2015
nope, but I grew up in Michigan and Indiana. Never saw boiled peanuts until I came south either.... More »
Re: The Good, the bad and the ugly     08/05/2015
@TacticalGuy: Dude, no eye protection? Sorry to hear that, that's miserable. I had a case ruptu... More »
Re: Ted Cruz stunt shows his lack of gun knowledge     08/05/2015
@retired_engineer I think he was going for viral video, and you can't do that as nicely as saying, s... More »
The Most liberal/conservative Cities in the USA     08/05/2015
#cityrankAccording to The Economist, which pulled data from an MIT study on how city governments ref... More »
Re: More Randomness     08/04/2015
Lets Christen this Byatch!Who you calling a Byatch?... More »
Re: What are you sick of hearing about?     08/04/2015
#minons... More »
Re: More Randomness     08/04/2015
#random... More »
Move Along, Nothing to see     08/04/2015
Why are you here?Well, while you are here, might as well read this[url= More »
Re: Another Pets Thread     08/04/2015
#pets... More »
How to make fried eggs?     08/04/2015
@Stealth83: Steamed actually, it's fried then you use the stream to cook the top, quickly, b... More »
Re: y only whataburger?     08/04/2015
@RobinZander: Isn't there an issue with a rear end and the batteries leaking acid on the road an... More »
Re: How to make fried eggs?     08/04/2015
Heat your skillet a tad more, closer to medium low rather than low.Crack your eggs in and let sit fo... More »


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