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Re: Roast a Member, Part III     10/20/2015
Dad, maybe you should have told mom to paint it herself?┬áThat @boobear family, constant entertainme... More »
Re: Roast a Member, Part III     10/20/2015
Mr. @boobear, the truck is in the shop again, the Mrs. was driving it yesterday. Besides, what could... More »
Re: Roast a Member, Part III     10/20/2015
The @boobear family up to something again... More »
Places to Dangerous to travel to     10/20/2015
So mostly the list is pretty understandable.The surprises were#5 Russia (to much crime and rape and ... More »
Car Brand Reliability     10/20/2015
Here you go, in case you want to know;In-dash electronics have been a sore spot on all automotive qu... More »
Re: USPS crook     10/20/2015
Couple years ago I had my flag up mailing something.About 3 or 4 hours earlier than the mail usually... More »
Re: What's a Nurse     10/20/2015
@Retired_Engineer: YOU HAVE KIDS!Now some of these threads on idiot drivers is coming into focus... More »
Holy Cow     10/20/2015
So I thought I clicked on Nurse3's Prayers for Tomorrow link, but what popped up was this thread, of... More »
What's a Nurse     10/20/2015
So DD is thinking about changing her major to NursingSeems to me "Nursing" is a pretty general term.... More »
Re: PETA, who understands?     10/20/2015
@kman1000: The people who are thinking about them all day, or the pit bulls? ... More »
Re: Vegetarian Festival     10/20/2015
@fruitcake: Thiland ... More »
PETA, who understands?     10/20/2015
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the leading animal rights activist group, has of... More »
Vegetarian Festival     10/20/2015
See what NOT eating meat can do to you.Must adhere to a strict vegetarian diet and pray for a purifi... More »
Toxic Foam Takes Over Indian City     10/20/2015
Very interesting medium read, but the pictures make it worth it.[url= More »
Asking for prayers tomorrow.     10/20/2015
. [img][/img]... More »
Slight Burning Smell Outside Tonight     10/19/2015
Think the fire in Huntsville is making it this far?Breeze seems to be coming from the north.... More »
Floating City     10/19/2015
Alternate universe? UFO's? Chinese government military experiment? [youtube] More »
If you like coconut based curry     10/19/2015
This is a ramen type meal, but air dried noodles instead of fried. It is an Asian curry with coconut... More »
who plays trivia crack?     10/19/2015
Never heard of it, but [url= More »


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