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@2danes .....What Gives, Dude?     08/30/2015
@2danes, wonder if they monitor their front yard for dog poop. Having danes could explain that. :ro... More »
Favorite Grocery store in Kingwood?     08/30/2015
HEB, but it is usually too crowded, and they don't carry some things Kroger's does. Kroger's WLHP @ ... More »
Anyone else wish we had a Trader Joes?     08/30/2015
Never been to a traders Joes, so currently, could not care less. ... More »
My Husband took the pups for a walk(funny)     08/30/2015
@Jpgurl: What husband had not been there? :lol:... More »
Re: Holy Crap. I'm in trouble     08/29/2015
@Jpgurl: Bree likes to just sit outside when it is cooler/cold and she just will let out a bark ... More »
Haircut     08/29/2015
. [img][/img]... More »
Pete's burgers     08/29/2015
@HollyHobby: I typically find too many things ruin a decent burger flavor. So a hamburger, w... More »
23 Friendliest Dogs Breeds     08/29/2015
@herron1345: You do understand there are always exceptions to the rules. Also 1 dog a rule d... More »
Holy Crap. I'm in trouble     08/29/2015
@Jpgurl: They live with flocks and protect them. They are great at protecting. But because o... More »
Pete's burgers     08/29/2015
Had my first mess up on an order from Petes. Of course it was a togo order, I didn't discover it un... More »
Pete's burgers     08/29/2015
Is crowded considering is only 2:30 in the afternoon. But do worth it.... More »
Re: Holy Crap. I'm in trouble     08/29/2015
Well DW called this morning on Betsy.They called her back, but said that they believe the adoption w... More »
Re: Way Back Machine     08/29/2015
This is from early 2003, this is Heidi's twyla's picture, the one that made us go look at her at the... More »
Re: Way Back Machine     08/29/2015
Here is another one of both daughters at Canyon lake in 2000.... More »
Re: Way Back Machine     08/29/2015
2000, we were at Canyon Lake in a rental, for my oldests graduation from UT, sort of a family reunio... More »
Way Back Machine     08/29/2015
Here is my mom and oldest DD, probably 1985, visiting for Christmas from Houston. [img]http://... More »
Way Back Machine     08/29/2015
From 1977, my ex and I in our 1 room apartment. [img] More »
Kingwood Meditation Center     08/29/2015
Our old neighbors, Mick McKiinzie, used to do that kind of thing. But he said there just wasn't enou... More »
how do you feel about Mazdas?     08/29/2015
@Chrissales: Yea, but it is only 184 hp. My civic si with the 2.4 liter is 201 hp, and the n... More »
What does this potato remind you of?     08/29/2015
Nope, a U [img][/img]... More »


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