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Re: Ben Carson     11/05/2015
@ForeCPA90: True, but it could be the original pyramids were built for grain storage, and then o... More »
Re: Pita     11/05/2015
IQRA also sells goat (they call it mutton), very nice.Their chicken seems to be pretty good also.Not... More »
Re: At River Grove Park     11/05/2015
Pretty much looks like what the squirrels do in my yard, and yes, some of them are fist sized.But I ... More »
Re: Ben Carson     11/05/2015
Sources agree that Kamut grain was found in a pyramid in Egypt (probably Dahshur or Saqqara). Some k... More »
Re: Just gonna leave this here...     11/05/2015
#leaveThat must be one heck of a fan!... More »
Re: Need a 7-day foster home for our foster dog     11/05/2015
Yea I asked my wife also, I figured we could do 3 dogs for a week.Beside it give us a chance to see ... More »
Security is getting ridiculous     11/05/2015
New rules for passwords at my bank... More »
Re: Just got a call . . .     11/05/2015
#legit... More »
Re: Just gonna leave this here...     11/05/2015
#leave... More »
Re: Just gonna leave this here...     11/05/2015
#leaveit... More »
Re: Russia possibly paid a price for Syria involvement     11/05/2015
Because we didn't pay for our involvement in the Middle East?... More »
Re: Pita     11/05/2015
@monyhoney: HEB has it on the low shelves in front of the deli counter. Not in the bread isle o... More »
Show Me the Money     11/05/2015
Where is the money in the USA?... More »
Cargo Hold Smoke indicator forces plane to land     11/05/2015
The flight had to make an unscheduled landing because of a smoke indication in the cargo bay, accord... More »
Re: Prop 1 is dead     11/04/2015
Houston attorney John LaRue, who ran for the Houston City Council and led a campaign to support HERO... More »
Re: Deleted Facebook     11/04/2015
I just check about 3 times a day, and spend usually less than 5 minutes each time.It's easy to scrol... More »
Re: Why dogs tilt their heads     11/04/2015
#tilthead... More »
Re: Why dogs tilt their heads     11/04/2015
#tilthead... More »
Re: Ahhhhh, the cuteness!!!     11/04/2015
I have a spot, when I am NOT occupying it, Heidi will sleep on it.Bree however, when I am not in it,... More »
Re: BARKFEST - Nov 7th!     11/04/2015
Interesting, very interesting... More »


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