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The things that are annoying me today     11/24/2015
My wife's handicapped van isn't the "right" type conversion to allow a power chair hookup. Now I hav... More »
Turkey Shoots down Russian Warplane     11/24/2015
Guess I'll have chicken for thanksgiving since Turkey's are getting too dangerous... More »
Re: Anything good on Netflix?     11/24/2015
Tremors 5It was pretty good.Still like the first one the best however.And never saw Tremors 4, or ev... More »
Re: Chimera     11/24/2015
@BooBear: Given her two different colored eyes and twins running in her family, it is likely (Iā... More »
People vs. Animals     11/24/2015
#animalsight... More »
No Kidding     11/24/2015
#boycott... More »
Re: FOFA thx.     11/24/2015
Glad it worked out... More »
Chimera     11/24/2015
DD2 (who just changed her major from BioChem to Microbiology and Genetics) showed me this.... More »
First World Issue     11/24/2015
#1stworld... More »
The problem with technology     11/24/2015
#tech... More »
Cookie Monster on food     11/24/2015
#food... More »
Name Workout     11/24/2015
#workout... More »
Have we come to far     11/24/2015
Now we don't even have to socialize to watch a show together... More »
Re: Thankful for seat heaters     11/24/2015
#heatedseats... More »
Re: Roast a Member, Part III     11/24/2015
Why @boobear doesn't work (well not sure why she doesn't work at home, but this about a job, I digre... More »
Now here is a better idea     11/24/2015
Wish I had this when mine were young, this is brilliantĀ ... More »
Nothing     11/23/2015
Stupid phone [img][/img]... More »
Nothing     11/23/2015
Eggs... More »
Just gonna leave this here...     11/23/2015
gov [img][/img]... More »
Just gonna leave this here...     11/23/2015
gov [img][/img]... More »


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