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Re: My funny Tues fall down at the store.     08/16/2016
@cador: Not even, here is my phone, take a picture, "The Forum" will never believe this one? Wh... More »
What's for dinner?     08/16/2016
Linguini with clams in wine sauce Baguette with butter... More »
Feeling heartbroken     08/16/2016
@pickles: Just thinking of you.... More »
These ones     08/16/2016
I think those ones are more better. Most people talking don't bother mes that much, except "@boob... More »
Boobies Tuesday     08/16/2016
Here is another for ti..y Tuesday [img] More »
Echo stuff     08/16/2016
My Echo is losing her pink toesies! Slowing turning the normal black. [img]http://www.kingwood.c... More »
CNN     08/16/2016
WTF, isn't this more MSNBC's job?... More »
This is just great     08/16/2016
Now even dogs are doing better than me.... More »
Something Interesting     08/16/2016
Color pallet of people around the globe... More »
Which to buy     08/16/2016
OK, the one on the right..... [img][/... More »
Boobies Tuesday     08/16/2016
Re: No sugar tonight.....     08/16/2016
I got to sleep until Echo decided it was time to get up, about 6:45.I don't think she understand UNE... More »
Re: Trump     08/16/2016
Hitler, when asked whether he supported the "bourgeois right-wing", claimed that Nazism was not excl... More »
Hummm, I wonder where the DNC got it from?     08/15/2016
Sen. Reid[facebookvideo] More »
Re: Echo stuff     08/15/2016
So not sure why, but all three dogs like to "nest" on the bed.Echo is the worst. AND she likes to ch... More »
Echo stuff     08/15/2016
Our with the dogs, and this huge grasshopper takes flight. Not seeing them that often in our yard, I... More »
Feeling heartbroken     08/15/2016
Sorry to hear that. I know your pain. They seem to be with us for such a short time. ... More »
Echo stuff     08/15/2016
@dotti573: Yup, she has more growing and filling out to do. At least she is choosing to cut... More »
Trump     08/15/2016
@notfromhere: We actually don't have any proof of that. So far it is only conjecture. Becaus... More »
Huge Boom     08/15/2016
Just heard a huge boom, wonder what it was. I was inside, it woke me wife up, and she is NOT a ligh... More »

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