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Re: Roast a Member, Part III     12/05/2015
@ray hey Jan, we re out of spoonsjan, well wash one... More »
Re: Roast a Member, Part III     12/05/2015
@bbqguy HOW MUCH IS A ROCKER?salesman bla, bla $450.00 bla blabbqguy are you kidding me! It's just a... More »
Re: Men strike back!     12/05/2015
#women... More »
Democrats!     12/05/2015
. [img][/img]... More »
I hate cell phones     12/05/2015
Stop pushing the submit/post button :lol:... More »
Democrats!     12/05/2015
. [img][/img]... More »
Car Battery     12/05/2015
Depends if you want good or cheap. Batteries plus have really good ones, but not the cheapest. Cheap... More »
Need some doggie models for my website     12/05/2015
@HollyHobby: from 2013 [youtube][/youtube]... More »
Need some doggie models for my website     12/05/2015
In Brennam (home of blue bell) today, all the great pyr owners dresses their dogs up in Christmas ga... More »
Re: Supper gonna be extra good tonight...     12/04/2015
Lamb, one of my faves, but probably because I am the only in my family who likes lamb.... More »
Re: Hoosier Thang     12/04/2015
@Retired_Engineer: Hoosier Port Tenderloin Samwich, loved those things. Lettuce, Onion and Must... More »
Re: Roast a Member, Part III     12/04/2015
#roast@boobear thought her future husband was funny, one of the things that attracted her to him.... More »
Re: Totally random complaint about the Park n Ride     12/04/2015
When I had a class downtown in Oct. I thought the Park-n-Ride was great. The class was in Allen Cent... More »
GSD mixes for adoption     12/04/2015
@ctl74: Mutt, cur typically means mixed needed, maybe in some places that is not true, but f... More »
Hoosier Thang     12/04/2015
I do miss good ones, one of the very few things I miss from Indiana. [img]http://www.kingwood.c... More »
GSD mixes for adoption     12/03/2015
What are they mixed with?... More »
A hybrid act of violence     12/03/2015
Seems to me, government departments are still not talking to each other, one would think the gun che... More »
Nativity scene on a budget     12/03/2015
#nativity [img][/img]... More »
SO whats for supper....     12/03/2015
I made Korean style sliders. The recipe needs more work however, but there are possibilities with it... More »
I miss you guys:( Someone plan a Christmas meet up!     12/03/2015
@yankeejessica: TREES! Plural?... More »


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