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Re: Can I ask a question?     06/20/2016
#banguns... More »
Re: Can I ask a question?     06/20/2016
It's the media in cahoots with the commies I tell you.... More »
Re: Fan question     06/20/2016
Each depending on quality, works OK (with the exception of the bladeless ones as I understand it).It... More »
Re: Centurylink VS. Suddenlink     06/20/2016
@villaindave: Yes, but as I understand it, depends where you live in KW. Some areas it is reliab... More »
Re: Asian food market nearby?     06/20/2016
I've gotten them, and have seen them at Randall's (front of KW) Both Krogers and HEBSome have only t... More »
DNC Conned Us Into Clinton     06/20/2016
The DNC confirmed the breach, claiming it was the Russians.An email [u]sent to the DNC on May 26th, ... More »
Re: Toad-in-the-hole-burger     06/20/2016
There was a 19th hole at the golf course that used to have, shoot, ,must have been 8 to 10 gallon ja... More »
Re: Centurylink VS. Suddenlink     06/20/2016
Geesh, my Centurylink is 3 MBS also. I called to see about upgrading, and the fastest in my area is ... More »
Re: Toad-in-the-hole-burger     06/20/2016
Love pickled pigs feet.Harder to make however.Pickled eggs were nice, I would guess not to hard to m... More »
Internet vs. Reality     06/20/2016
Don't try this at home... More »
Re: Toad-in-the-hole-burger     06/20/2016
@donnatella: Well it is suppose be the runny yolk that "adds" something to the dish. And there ... More »
Re: Toad-in-the-hole-burger     06/20/2016
I want to try to make some pickled eggs, anyone have a good recipe?... More »
Re: pet groomers     06/20/2016
We tried Scrub-a-pup, but they don't like big dogs, and typically don't have any openings anyway.We ... More »
Re: Toad-in-the-hole-burger     06/20/2016
@Retired_Engineer: It's like a regular curry, just with hard boiled eggs as the protein instead ... More »
Re: Toad-in-the-hole-burger     06/20/2016
@Retired_Engineer: Eggs are awesome in fried rice (a dinner item) Egg drop soup is delish for l... More »
Can I ask a question?     06/19/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
Re: Angels     06/19/2016
ORLANDO — About 200 people blocked the main street in downtown Orlando to form a human chain to co... More »
Toad-in-the-hole-burger     06/19/2016
@donnatella: Slimy? It's brunch. ... More »
Toad-in-the-hole-burger     06/19/2016
I may have to try this, just because.Behold, the ultimate hangover brunch: a medium cooked egg with ... More »
Angels     06/19/2016
Don't know the validity of this, but find it interesting... More »

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