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Trump     08/14/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
What is this world coming too?     08/13/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
Rain     08/13/2016
2 inches on my rain Gage 15 minutes ago. Up front.... More »
cooking bacon in oven     08/13/2016
@beastmode: I put it on the dogs kibble, they love it. Growing up, it went in a dedicated... More »
To dew claw or not ?     08/13/2016
We had a dog, got her few choose caught on something, in the backyard. Ripped it off, and a strip of... More »
I think HEB cornered the market     08/12/2016
HEB had two aisles, in the parking lot, closed off this morning, dig up, and pouring concrete in.... More »
....Said "See You Later" To Mr. Frog This Afternoon...     08/12/2016
Hugs and kisses for the loss. Those suckers squirm their way into your heart, and have such a short ... More »
Time to say goodbye...     08/12/2016
Insinkaireator and moen have the best reviews on Amazon.... More »
That Dang Trump     08/11/2016
Can you just believe the Crap Trump pulls [img] More »
New HEB     08/11/2016
From the observer [img][/img]... More »
Olympics     08/11/2016
Being unemployed, I find I have extra time on my hands, so get to watch tHings I would normally not ... More »
Who likes Rap music?     08/11/2016
Not really, but every so often I dun into a Mix like this one I love [youtube] More »
cpap machine     08/11/2016
@annie Google is your friend, for battery power, this sounds good. You should ask your manufactu... More »
Suddenlink     08/11/2016
not up front, watching the Olympics now.... More »
A Dragon     08/11/2016
Outside my window [img][/img]... More »
cpap machine     08/11/2016
I'm with @sniper12, I bought a Honda generator, i find at required output, my 2,000 watt uses less t... More »
Re: Facia board nightmare !!     08/11/2016
@princecharming: In our old house, we had bees between the siding and the house. They were getti... More »
Re: OMG...too much to handle     08/11/2016
... More »
Re: Car laptop charger     08/11/2016
@Nurse3:¬†How many watts is your regular charger?[url= More »
Re: Porter Theme Park     08/10/2016
Were they going to have a water park also? I heard the Swimming Hole, Water Slide and Log Slam were ... More »

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