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Re: Flood Humor     06/05/2016
Nothing like sitting here, watching the lazy river with you dear.... More »
Re: Flood Humor     06/05/2016
Stores are open still however.... More »
Re: Flood Humor     06/05/2016
Might also be time to remove some of those old signs... More »
Re: Flood Humor     06/05/2016
Saw this down on Hamblen the other day... More »
Flood Humor     06/05/2016
Was driving around checking out the flooded areas, saw this in one of the villiages... More »
Re: Fracking?     06/05/2016
@cgm10sne1: Also at one of our offices, which is located about 1/4 mile away from a train track,... More »
Technology, it is a good thing     06/05/2016
"CBS2 News" reports that after a 3-year-old boy complained about a man who talked to him at night, h... More »
Re: Fracking?     06/05/2016
Also if you look up seismic activity in areas where fracking is taking place, it is attributed to wa... More »
Re: Fracking?     06/05/2016
#fracking... More »
Re: Nature Nom Noms     06/05/2016
@allymansfield: ... More »
Nature Nom Noms     06/05/2016
#nature... More »
Re: Fracking?     06/05/2016
@cgm10sne1: I'm not real sure where you are getting your information, but that is not even in th... More »
And Just Like That     06/04/2016
[img][/img]... More »
Mohamad Ali     06/04/2016
Has died yesterday at the age of 74.RIPĀ ... More »
Great Pyr's are dang good guard dogs     06/04/2016
It's so funny, but I didn't realize what Bree was doing until recently.Below is our family and Bedro... More »
Re: Donating Stuffed Animals     06/04/2016
@goldie: Did you bump the start date up to cover a longer time period? ... More »
Re: Homemade Pesto     06/04/2016
Not a big pesto fan, but you can use slivered or sliced almonds instead of pine nuts.Way cheaper.And... More »
Re: From the Greek shrine in St. Augustine     06/03/2016
@Chrisinkingwood: So what software are you using to combine the exposures? ... More »
Re: Revisiting Songs As An Adult     06/03/2016
One of my all time fave songs is La Grange, who would thunk it was about awhore house[youtube]https:... More »
Re: In the hospital     06/03/2016
@Safety44: ... More »

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