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Destruction of America     06/21/2016
I checked Snopes, and it's true, who would have thought [img] More »
Re: We are in Butte Montana!     06/21/2016
In who's butt?... More »
Re: just saying goodbye!     06/21/2016
Well @ray, ... More »
Re: Internet vs. Reality     06/21/2016
When reality doesn’t meet expectations.... More »
Re: Thumbs DOWN on all 4 Gun control measures     06/21/2016
I don't know why they can't make a compromise.Something to stop the government from misusing the lis... More »
Re: Echo stuff     06/21/2016
@Annie: OH! That explains some things. Wish I knew that in my younger days...... ... More »
Re: Fan question     06/21/2016
@SwaggyG: Yup, squirrel cage fans do blow a goodly amount of air (what most home blowers like yo... More »
Re: Echo stuff     06/21/2016
@Annie: Dew Claws removed ... More »
Re: North Park looks hideous!     06/21/2016
northpark kinda always looked bad.... More »
Stop Light Dangling on Chestnut Ridge & Kingwood Dr.     06/20/2016
I have been through there many times, and didn't notice one hanging, how bad is that?... More »
Peaches!!!     06/20/2016
Oh that is just sad now. Get us all hopped up for a good story, and then body slam is to the ground.... More »
Echo stuff     06/20/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
Re: Centurylink VS. Suddenlink     06/20/2016
Anyone know anything about Hughesnet?Says Satellite internet provider[url=http://www.satelliteintern... More »
Re: For those who don't know me...     06/20/2016
This is more like something I would do... More »
Re: Can I ask a question?     06/20/2016
#banguns... More »
Re: Can I ask a question?     06/20/2016
It's the media in cahoots with the commies I tell you.... More »
Re: Fan question     06/20/2016
Each depending on quality, works OK (with the exception of the bladeless ones as I understand it).It... More »
Re: Centurylink VS. Suddenlink     06/20/2016
@villaindave: Yes, but as I understand it, depends where you live in KW. Some areas it is reliab... More »
Re: Asian food market nearby?     06/20/2016
I've gotten them, and have seen them at Randall's (front of KW) Both Krogers and HEBSome have only t... More »
DNC Conned Us Into Clinton     06/20/2016
The DNC confirmed the breach, claiming it was the Russians.An email [u]sent to the DNC on May 26th, ... More »

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