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Re: Random Things     02/05/2016
#randomMe and Mrs Jones, we got a thing going on... More »
Re: Random Things     02/05/2016
#random... More »
Re: Roast a Member, Part III     02/05/2016
A young @boobear talking to her mother... More »
Re: Random Things     02/05/2016
#random... More »
Re: 1st Annual Fajita Festival in Humble     02/05/2016
Houston's Humble Civic Center?Not sure I am grasping the naming convention here.... More »
Re: This story sums up the problem with politics in America     02/05/2016
Here is part of the real kicker, the Energy Bill contained provisions for renewable energy developme... More »
Re: This story sums up the problem with politics in America     02/05/2016
@Maisey1: October 16, 2015 FLINT, MI -- Water from Detroit is flowing into Flint again.But ... More »
The Mosquitoes Spreading Zika     02/05/2016
They’re tiny. They attack with supreme stealth, biting in full daylight with no buzz and no sting.... More »
This story sums up the problem with politics in America     02/05/2016
[b]Senate Democrats block energy bill in impasse over Flint[/b]Now if you limit yourself to taking a... More »
Echo stuff     02/05/2016
This me, trying to tie my shoes this morning, for an extra hand, err mouth [img]http://www.kingw... More »
Re: Echo stuff     02/04/2016
So when we can't be outside with Echo, I have a long cable around a tree in the middle of the back y... More »
Great Harvest     02/04/2016
My wife said it is reopening, in our around town center this time. We loved them when here before, t... More »
You will never see this     02/04/2016
Well he had the feb. 2016 wowill beI once in a lifetime thang, but not again in 863 years, that woul... More »
Echo stuff     02/04/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
Re: What country is our state's education system equivalent to?     02/04/2016
HS graduation rate is not much of a relatable statistic.A hard to determine but more meaningful meas... More »
Putin ignores Kerry plea     02/04/2016
Russia seemingly has ignored Secretary of State John Kerry’s appeals to stop bombing civilians and... More »
Driving     02/04/2016
Yes, usually along the lines of "Oh gawd, please don't let me die, please don't let this dumb butt ... More »
Re: Random Things     02/04/2016
#random... More »
Re: Gas is so cheap     02/04/2016
I remember my mom paying 24 cents a gallon, and I remember my grandpa driving 5 miles to pay 22 cent... More »
Re: Movies at Theatre     02/04/2016
@foxymama: Kung Fu Panda 3 @ 3:20 Movie Tavern been getting good reviewsalso at deerbrook many ... More »

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