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Funny & Odd things     04/12/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
Re: TOdays advice...     04/12/2016
@ET: Depends on the kind of pet would be my guess.Dog taste like beef. ... More »
BERMUDA TRIANGLE Mystery     04/12/2016
The Cuban Coast Guard announced this morning, that they had intercepted an unmanned ship heading for... More »
Being Short     04/12/2016
@Txbutterfly: To put Crap you don't use or need, but don't throw out Duh :lol:... More »
Old People     04/12/2016
So I used to never jump at anything. Don't know why, used to drive my daughter's crazy. But as i age... More »
Re: Being Short     04/12/2016
#short... More »
Being Short     04/12/2016
When you are short and have crappy seats.Hope no one is sitting in front of me. [img] More »
Re: StarBucks     04/12/2016
#stargoat... More »
StarBucks     04/12/2016
A wayward goat possibly in need of a latte was finally caught after she barged into a Starbucks in N... More »
Angel     04/11/2016
@Safety44: PM pretty much works like the forum. I would say copy the image location, and do... More »
Channel 2     04/11/2016
About a block from my house yesterday, no idea why they were in Forest Cove [img]http://www.kin... More »
Poor Bree     04/11/2016
And caught her in this action, just thought it funny [img] More »
Poor Bree     04/11/2016
Bree had a "tan" spot where they shaved her for the more removal, and she hasn't had hair in that sp... More »
Angel     04/11/2016
Not mine, but thought it worth sharing. [u]Angel lifting a spirit to heaven[/u] this is titled. ... More »
Which season would you choose?     04/11/2016
Autumn Fruit is coming ripe, most summer plants are mature, weather is nice, pool is still warm, no... More »
Poor Bree     04/10/2016
Heidi, she was very vocal all the way home (a mile and a half), and soon as she jumped out the van, ... More »
Poor Bree     04/10/2016
That said they were matching the depth of the shaved part from her mole removal, which was rather sh... More »
Poor Bree     04/10/2016
@SandyKnee: That does seem to be a little shorter than usual, maybe the wife didn't specify,... More »
Can you trust her?!?     04/10/2016
This sort of explains the problem [img] More »
Poor Bree     04/10/2016
The whole dawg [img][/img]... More »

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