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Re: Bernie Sanders pledges to reveal KFC's secret recipe     03/15/2016
@donnatella: His mom was Col. Sanders mom's sister, DUH!  :tongue:  ... More »
Bernie Sanders pledges to reveal KFC's secret recipe     03/15/2016
Bernie Sanders has promised everyone some top-notch fried chicken if he’s elected President.[url=h... More »
Re: WARNING - THEFT DANGER     03/15/2016
Interior lights make it easier to see inside at night.Exterior lights make it harder typically. The... More »
Re: Nothing to see     03/15/2016
#stealth... More »
Re: Nothing to see     03/15/2016
@boobear getting those pesky spider webs... More »
Nothing to see     03/15/2016
#women... More »
Re: Beer of Choice?     03/14/2016
St. Andrew Amber AleFat TireBlue MoonWheat Beer or HefeweizenBut on a hot day, for just refreshing ... More »
Re: Bad daylight savings time     03/14/2016
@Safety44: Are you oneof dose dats eats dinners at 4 in the hafternoons?:evil: ... More »
Hillary can't win     03/14/2016
IDK, but here is an interesting out take from the read, explaining the anti-YouNameIt peopleBut the ... More »
Missiles Sent to the U.S.     03/14/2016
Serbia's authorities are investigating reports that a cargo package bound for the U.S. containing tw... More »
Re: Bad daylight savings time     03/14/2016
Come on, it was only AN HOUR people.On the up side, it was still light at 8 PM... More »
Echo stuff     03/13/2016
Echo has been out all day, chasing crane flies, and eating them.... More »
Furniture repair     03/13/2016
@EllaMentry: Reeves furniture, they do excellent work. We have had a number of pieces done b... More »
Front door restoration     03/12/2016
We had that done years ago, still looks great, just don't remember the company. Wasn't cheap, but we... More »
Why Good Passwords are Important     03/12/2016
@fcabanski: Crap, you too! Now I have to change mine, again.... More »
El Paso     03/12/2016
West Texas town of El Paso." You cant deny those Texans. The whole scene motorcycle, a back pa... More »
Cauliflower fried "rice"     03/11/2016
@Sniper12: It has soy sauce at the end, and I used frozen peas and carrots, and regular blac... More »
What's your Words of advice!!!!     03/11/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
Cauliflower fried "rice"     03/11/2016
I basically made this tonight, but I used Jasmine rice, and chicken. It was pretty good. I want to t... More »

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