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It's So Hot...     07/25/2016
#tohot[img][/img]... More »
Baby Mocking birds     07/25/2016
Went to go look in the nest (in one of our bushes) and a third one was still in there. It doesn't lo... More »
Baby Mockingbirds     07/25/2016
Out with Echo in the backyard, saw two baby mockingbirds running around. Luckily I got echo by the c... More »
Crabbing     07/25/2016
#crabs... More »
And Out of Nowhere     07/24/2016
The Rock, as Popeye... More »
The World is Full of Idiots     07/24/2016
#idiots... More »
Healthy Tips     07/24/2016
#healthy... More »
Rent a Dog?     07/24/2016
Is this a better idea?... More »
I think my dog is a democrat     07/24/2016
.[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: What's the story with...     07/24/2016
Turtles can walk, and do. If a certain pond/stream/creek gets too many, and they have too much compe... More »
Re: Poor Butterfly     07/24/2016
@AuthorMan: See, I'm more like; ... More »
Re: Just some photo's I took     07/24/2016
A hawk sitting on the hand rail for the pool... More »
Re: Just some photo's I took     07/24/2016
A tiny flower amongst some clover in my yard.... More »
Re: Just some photo's I took     07/24/2016
An Egret in a pine tree, across the Bayou (err greenbelt) from my backyard.Hand held 500mm telephoto... More »
Re: Just some photo's I took     07/24/2016
A teeny, tiny snail on my fence... More »
Poor Butterfly     07/24/2016
But it didn't fly away. This lizard jumped from the umbrella, and caught it. [img] More »
Poor Butterfly     07/24/2016
So this black butterfly landed on my mint flower, while I was standing there. So I snapped a picture... More »
Wikileaks and Sanders     07/24/2016
WikiLeaks posted close to 20,000 emails and 8,000 attachments Friday sent or received from top Democ... More »
Re: Don't use your air conditioning     07/24/2016
Secretary of State John Kerry said in Vienna on Friday that air conditioners and refrigerators are a... More »
Re: Dinner     07/24/2016
@TXtransplant: Taste a lot like beef tongue, or really, really tender beef. Most likely if you ... More »

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