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Best onion rings     10/15/2015
Best I ever had, were made with rice flour, and fried in lard. Sorry of s translucent white batter, ... More »
Queen     10/15/2015
Gots to love queen [img][/img]... More »
Re: Self Driving Cars     10/14/2015
@allymansfield: Doesn't look very railish to me?Pilot schemes will take place in different citie... More »
Self Driving Cars     10/14/2015
In Europe they are introducing self driving busses. They are smaller than a regular bus, and I think... More »
I always thought a slow cooker and crockpot     10/14/2015
Kleenx, xerox, coke (in some places), crock-pot and others are brand names that became generic for s... More »
That One Friend     10/14/2015
Almost any near death driVing experience story I have, and I have a half dozen, we're from this one ... More »
Jelly alert     10/14/2015
Dps sitting on side of 69 at bltwy 8 outbound checking for speeders 5:40 PM... More »
Of This, I Am Sure     10/14/2015
@jooels: Technically, humans originated in Africa, best science guess, so no one is truly a ... More »
Re: best place for oil change?     10/14/2015
I've had more problems with Jiffy Lube, not with the oil change, but them always wanting add-ons, an... More »
Re: Metro day 2     10/13/2015
@Stealth83: Yesterday, the holiday, took 35 minutes, today it took about 55 minutes ... More »
Re: Thank you.     10/13/2015
They were talking about this on the radio a few days ago, and somebody said he pulled into the tool ... More »
Re: What do you have next to your bed?     10/13/2015
A dog bed and usually a dog... More »
Re: Who is watching the Socialist debate tonight?     10/13/2015
@SenseOfHumor: Don't you do that tweeter thingy on that intraweb thingy? ... More »
Re: Who is watching the Socialist debate tonight?     10/13/2015
Trump is going to live tweet during the debate, so I am watching TV and Tweeter... More »
Metro day 2     10/13/2015
Car on its side on 69 NB few miles past 610, so far uneventful. ... More »
Re: Shout Out to lola     10/13/2015
#lola[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: do I stay or do I go...     10/12/2015
#staygo[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Gay Doritos     10/12/2015
#doritos... More »
Shout Out to lola     10/12/2015
Who got me a Q-card, and baby sat me on my cheery breaking first park & ride. Made a big unknown ver... More »
Re: WAIT!!!     10/10/2015
#clipnails... More »


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