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Strange but true     03/10/2015
Time Traveler:This picture was taken back in 1941 during the grand re-opening of the South Forks Bri... More »
Re: Texas lawmaker wants to end Daylight Saving Time     03/10/2015
I would like to end wiinter time (regular time) and keep DST all year, personally.I don't care about... More »
Mary Jane, the gateway drug     03/10/2015
#gatewaydrug... More »
Re: Show me your puppies!     03/10/2015
#puppy... More »
Song stuck in my head     03/10/2015
Oh gawd, please make it stop!Been singing this over and over in my head for 20 minutes now.Why won't... More »
Re: Funnies     03/10/2015
#jumanji... More »
Re: Why Buy Printer Ink     03/10/2015
@thegoodwife: Pretty much why I have been sticking with Canon, 3rd party ink cartridges are read... More »
Re: people have no respect for others     03/10/2015
Make them nice... More »
Re: Good quality watch?     03/10/2015
This is my current "good" watch, I have a casio I use for knocking around, yard work, weekend, gener... More »
Re: Why Buy Printer Ink     03/10/2015
That reminds me, time to order new cartridges, I get mine from ink4art online.never had an issue wit... More »
Re: out of curiosity..     03/09/2015
Peel it off, most likely would not stick good to salivaTry a cotton swab... More »
Good quality watch?     03/09/2015
G-shock, is good for sports and such. I've also had real good luck over the years with Seiko and ci... More »
people have no respect for others     03/09/2015
@mutton: With signs identifying them as such.... More »
Flag Ban     03/09/2015
@ProblemAgain: It does sort of sounds like the children's, "well he did it too!" Excuse... More »
people have no respect for others     03/09/2015
@mutton: But if you don't live there, signs should be posted. ... More »
My oldest baby is 20 today!     03/09/2015
You get used to it; My oldest is 37, youngest is 22... More »
Texas Drivers?     03/09/2015
Be careful of bikers [img][/img]... More »
Re: Not Available in the U.S.A.     03/09/2015
It is probably more to do with either emissions or the Gov. mandated MPG ratios required.Just my gue... More »
Re: Another Pets Thread     03/09/2015
Cat, What's in here?Dog: Stupid cat!... More »
Re: Not Available in the U.S.A.     03/09/2015
What percent of a truck is made in North America?... More »


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