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Short utube     10/16/2016
Must of been one heck of a birthday party[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Medicine for Safety44     10/16/2016
#safety44... More »
Re: I Have A Feeling     10/16/2016
And just to beat anyone to it[youtube][/youtube]... More »
I Gotta A Feeling     10/16/2016
That the newer generations will change things up a little.... More »
Waiters     10/16/2016
So you waited for half an hour to just get into the restaurant.You waited 5 or so minutes for the wa... More »
I was looking for some information on when to switch a Pyr. puppy to adult food. Ran across this, an... More »
This is disgusting lol     10/16/2016
. [youtube][/youtube]... More »
This Is Kingwood Festival     10/15/2016
I was wondering why traffic was so bad around that area today.... More »
Re: Medicine for Safety44     10/15/2016
Roundabouts, I hate them also... More »
Not What Trump Meant     10/15/2016
All the transcripts of the "Trump Tape" showed the same thing.So maybe they got it wrong?Freak'n med... More »
Re: Puff the Magic Dragon     10/15/2016
@calguy: Well, mildly humorous anyway. ... More »
Birth Control     10/15/2016
So what is the most effective form?... More »
Hey yoos guys, PSA     10/15/2016
Found something useful[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Here we go..........     10/14/2016
@thegoodwife: Still not seeing it.... More »
Here we go..........     10/14/2016
I don't see the clown, where is it?... More »
Meme funnies     10/13/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
Nuclear war     10/12/2016
@frebu: Because the people the Obama administration has decided to befriend, has worked out ... More »
Obama showing off     10/12/2016
You may not want to see this, if sexual innuendo bothers you. Click your back button now. [youtub... More »
Nuclear war     10/12/2016
Vote Trump or face nuclear war Americans should vote for Donald Trump as president next month or ... More »
Get Out And Vote (maybe)     10/12/2016
So here is different take on encouraging people to vote. It's a medium read. [url=http://qpolitic... More »

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