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"Make bread" they said...     08/20/2016
@starryskies67: Man, that is one machine that gets used here, only the coffee (k-cup) gets u... More »
Beaver     08/20/2016
Nuggets, these things, I can't resist them. [img] More »
Re: "Make bread" they said...     08/19/2016
Make it in your food processor, it's easy, way less messy, and works just fine.When I was in between... More »
Re: How do you turn off the email notification?     08/19/2016
@dotti573: WHAT! I'm telling Echo!... More »
Re: Duct Tape versus     08/19/2016
@ET: ... More »
Re: Insecticide     08/19/2016
@ET: Reduction of the bee population is problematic in the sense it effects our food supply. No... More »
Re: Anyone had to deal with cremation recently?     08/19/2016
A medium sized town in S. Carolina, a couple years ago was about $3K for my mom.... More »
Insecticide     08/19/2016
So, after twenty years (nearly) they have concluded (maybe) that bug spray is bad for bugs?What ever... More »
Re: Historic flooding in Louisiana     08/19/2016
Man, if this had been Bush, the news would be all over it!One of Louisiana’s largest newspapers ha... More »
Duct Tape versus     08/19/2016
The Manly Man tape, this is a funny ad.Worth watching.[youtube][/youtube... More »
Echo stuff     08/18/2016
Oh the horror, brushed, it was terrible. [img] More »
Re: Echo stuff     08/18/2016
Brushy Brushy[facebookvideo] More »
Re: ~ Happy Happy ~     08/18/2016
Happy Happy[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Cokie Roberts     08/18/2016
@soxs mom: Was he on Hillary's bad side then?... More »
Aetna CEO threatened Obamacare     08/18/2016
Also checking into Obamacare, NONE of our current doctors, of which we have a goodly number, accept ... More »
Re: Bread     08/18/2016
.  [youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Bread     08/18/2016
. [youtube][/youtube]... More »
Bread     08/18/2016
My girlfriends in High School were always fans[youtube][/youtube]... More »
And it's been downhill ever since     08/18/2016
#womenvote ... More »
Aetna CEO threatened Obamacare     08/18/2016
The big health care news this week came from Aetna, which announced on Monday it was dramatically sc... More »

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