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Re: Old Fart     05/18/2015
A few more years in the future, and @donnatella is at a wedding with her granddaughter;Attending a w... More »
Obama announces restrictions on equipment to police     05/18/2015
The White House announced Monday that Washington would no longer provide some military-style gear wh... More »
Re: Old Fart     05/18/2015
Another future spot some years forward, @boobear and her hubby;An elderly couple was attending a chu... More »
Priest Fired     05/18/2015
Reverend Warren Hall, a Catholic priest who ministered Seton Hall University sports teams, is claimi... More »
Re: Old Fart     05/18/2015
About a handful or so years from now, @ray and FoFa meet at a park;Fofa says, “You know, I’m 85 ... More »
Re: 290 vs. 71     05/17/2015
@friday1: It was more the condition of the road after Brennum, rough, bumpy and what the hell is... More »
Re: UFO sighting?     05/17/2015
@Spork: Or Atascocita  ... More »
Adults with piercings & tattoos     05/17/2015
@heathur sounds like it should be between them, not outsiders. After all, it's their relationship. ... More »
290 vs. 71     05/17/2015
So I took 290 to Austin today. Not counting the downpour and lightning, the road totally sucks. I'l... More »
Lightning !!!     05/17/2015
I had to drive through that" the way to Austin today.... More »
Motorcycles     05/17/2015
2001 Moti Guzzi Jackal 87 Yamaha 350 dirt bike 95 Honda cr100 dirt bike Ride none of them anymo... More »
Girls dorm.     05/17/2015
She is just finishing her second year, she one final left, organic chemistry, Tuesday evening, and s... More »
Girls dorm.     05/17/2015
So here I sit ask alone, in the fields dorm at UT Austin. Waiting on daughter to get a cart, becaus... More »
Re: Another Pets Thread     05/17/2015
Cat talking to his buddies;Well there I was, climbing the bed, doing just fine, then froze at the la... More »
Re: Another Pets Thread     05/17/2015
This would so be Heidi and Bree... More »
Woody Allen     05/17/2015
Woody Allen's press conference at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday could have driven listeners to ... More »
Re: Wanna go to heaven?     05/17/2015
@Ray: ... More »
Re: Favorite Bible story     05/17/2015
This one[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Direct TV     05/17/2015
Isn't the satellite internet DSL via a phone company?Like Centurylink?... More »
Re: Pileated Woodpeckers     05/16/2015
It's their territorial call that usually gives them away, sounds like your in the jungle.[youtube]ht... More »


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