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Re: Roast-A-Member Part 2!     05/22/2015
How @retired_engineer day usually starts out.... More »
Cool Dog Treats     05/22/2015
Literally... More »
Roast-A-Member Part 2!     05/22/2015
@topcat caring for her baby on the way home [img] More »
glad I don't live there     05/22/2015
. [img][/img]... More »
Re: what will it take for you to mass commute     05/22/2015
There is no real mass transit from where I am to where I need to go.Rail would be cool however.... More »
Re: Rain and Flooding in KW on KWD     05/22/2015
@Retired_Engineer: She said she had it floored and could not get over 2 MPH, but some "douchebag... More »
Re: More Randomness     05/22/2015
@Retired_Engineer: No, not the costumeĀ  ... More »
Re: ISO a place to fix a 4 wheeler     05/21/2015
I have had good luck with Turners, and specialize in ATV, but they worked on my dirt bikes.@pickles... More »
Re: Bacon!     05/21/2015
#baconpineapple... More »
Re: More Randomness     05/21/2015
Some people are pretty creative... More »
Freaky     05/21/2015
Whoa, didn't see that coming... More »
Re: Ray in the morning     05/21/2015
#old... More »
Re: Funnies     05/21/2015
It'sa an old one, but still makes me smile... More »
Whoa! That was close     05/21/2015
She almost caught that stupid thing... More »
Re: Roast-A-Member Part 2!     05/21/2015
Oh man, found this one of @retired_engineer in his collage days... More »
Re: Bacon!     05/21/2015
#baconwrappedYou aint a true BBQ'r until you do this!... More »
Rain and Flooding in KW on KWD     05/21/2015
Also she took this in Forrest Cove [img] More »
Rain and Flooding in KW on KWD     05/21/2015
She doesn't know how, but the high water bent her plate [img] More »
Re: Well, this is a first!     05/21/2015
@BBQguy: Don't use floating mulch, geesh, you are full of problems today ... More »


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