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Re: The "Perfect" Woman     08/23/2016
IDK, I'm more partial to Egypt, Peru and Mexico.But I wouldn't kick any out of bed for eating cracke... More »
Re: Time for a bit of creative fun...     08/23/2016
I Know @boobearThere, did it in three ... More »
Re: Found Great Pyr. Puppy     08/23/2016
@sweetie: IDK, we are out of the loop. I just volunteered to post it here.... More »
Re: Now this really SUCKS     08/23/2016
@sweetie: We watched a guy (when I was in the Army) vaseline up his mickey mouse boots and hump ... More »
Re: DoughNUTS     08/23/2016
Even I know to call her and ask what alternative she might want :lol: ... More »
Found Great Pyr. Puppy     08/23/2016
12 (approx.) week  old male Great Pyrenees puppy, wondering down North Park.Contact Northpark V... More »
Re: Watch out when entering Deerbrook mall from the feeder     08/22/2016
Can't wait for black friday.....:devil:... More »
Re: This forum is super right wing.     08/22/2016
@imadrummer2k: Another liberal agenda based web site that has been disproven on many occasions. ... More »
Re: 1st Day Of School     08/22/2016
#school... More »
Re: 1st Day Of School     08/22/2016
#school... More »
1st Day Of School     08/22/2016
Be careful out there... More »
Re: Black olives matter     08/22/2016
I came across this a minute ago... More »
MEME information     08/22/2016
#memes... More »
Re: What Your Wine Choice Says About You     08/22/2016
@donnatella: But I don't pick it by how "cute" the label is, I buy it for the taste. IDK why, b... More »
What Your Wine Choice Says About You     08/21/2016
I don't see boones farm, mad dog, thunderbird. What the hell?... More »
Recommendation needed     08/21/2016
Had DD car in to AT Rudy's in Porter, timing belt, brakes and AC repair. They did her tranny awhi... More »
Buffets     08/21/2016
@donnatella: Unless someone takes it all, I hate going back to get more, and it's gone.... More »
Should the US swimmers who lied get a pass?     08/21/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
Jesus Christ     08/21/2016
No, Really, watch[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Lets go to the mall     08/21/2016
Been there, done that! Wait here and hold this, I'll just be one minute.[img]https://lh5.googleuserc... More »

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