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Let's get weird     10/28/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
Clinton News Network, to their face!     10/28/2016
Finally, someone speaking out to them![youtube][/youtube]... More »
Love dip     10/28/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
Where's our friend?     10/28/2016
@terilyntx: Ok, had to scroll awhile, it's Corn Palace I guess [img]http://www.kingwoo... More »
Screw the city     10/28/2016
Sean Murphy, 50, said cops, citing town codes, ordered him to stop placing campaign signs and banner... More »
Northpark Traffic     10/28/2016
@ET: Treat it as a 4-way stop, I'm pretty sure that will speed things up :lol:... More »
Where's our friend?     10/28/2016
@ray posted a pic on FB the other day, they might be on vacation, traveling. I think it was somethin... More »
Prescription help     10/28/2016
I know when I got laid off, and lost insurance, we were looking for my wife's lipotor, it was anywhe... More »
How often do you...     10/28/2016
One or twice a week. ... More »
Never have I seen     10/27/2016
@fcabanski: Or roaches, or other spiders, they kill them all, but they don't hurt humans I r... More »
Sit beside me; my only son..     10/26/2016
Found the voice track Ronnie singing [youtube][/youtube]... More »
U.N. At it again     10/25/2016
@KevinJ: And it appears from this 6 day old news, they appear to bringing back the plan from... More »
U.N. At it again     10/25/2016
@KevinJ: Well, here is the header [img] More »
U.N. At it again     10/25/2016
It was reported in the lame stream media no less. It's a good thing they said. Everyone in the whole... More »
Yup, takes all kinds     10/25/2016
From Maine [img][/img]... More »
Never have I seen     10/25/2016
Any thing like this [youtube][/youtube]... More »
DOG Found - tan male     10/24/2016
@lindsayalex: There is a free smart phone app. That some phones can read the chips. Don't re... More »
Mobile KDC site     10/24/2016
@BooBear: Maybe it had something to do with either the number of pages, our length of the po... More »
Trump Back In the Lead     10/24/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
How to Avoid A Leaky Gutter     10/24/2016
First off, you should check your auto correct. Next, what does a guitar leak? Seems like you shou... More »

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