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Re: WTH?     07/13/2015
Climbing a wall[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Too early to cut grass?     07/13/2015
depends on HOA rules and City rules on noise limits and hours.... More »
Re: Lil Johhny     07/13/2015
President Obama is at a 4H show, and all the kids are gathered for a meet and greet in the barn.As t... More »
Re: I have a new addiction!     07/13/2015
apple juice depending on the brand is overall not that good for you.get a nutribullet or ninja and j... More »
Re: My lawn mower     07/13/2015
I used KW small engine repair, they did a good job... More »
So what are ya fixin to eat tonight???     07/12/2015
Hot dogs with onions and kimchee [img] More »
Dang dog!!!!!!!!!     07/12/2015
@Jpgurl: Don't chase them. Then they are either scared or think it is a game. Stand in the o... More »
nutri bullet     07/11/2015
@Annie: Farm land in Michigan. I'm a country boy, worked on my uncle's farm during the summe... More »
Breakfast meet up on a Saturday!!     07/11/2015
Stupid A/C died on the si on the way home. Guess I finally get to use one of those extended warranti... More »
Re: nutri bullet     07/11/2015
@Fallon: Where can one get goat liver and especially cow brains. I grew up on scrambled eggs and... More »
Mac vs. PC?     07/10/2015
@SandyKnee: Those were decent years ago, not so good the last 5 or so. I have a Dell I got ... More »
Re: Breakfast meet up on a Saturday!!     07/10/2015
@Mahm: And here I was thinking that was basically lunch! @lola, ok count me in... More »
Re: Disciplining your child in public     07/10/2015
Idle threats just causes more problems later.So if you threaten them, make sure you carry it out lat... More »
Re: Fake Mexican Restaurants     07/10/2015
@lola: What time? ... More »
Re: Cussing toys @ McDonald's     07/10/2015
@eandrews87: huh?!? ... More »
Re: Fake Mexican Restaurants     07/10/2015
@lola: Don't toy with me! ... More »
Re: Texas redheads     07/10/2015
It says it eats snakes also... More »
Re: Mac vs. PC?     07/10/2015
@SandyKnee: Um, I didn't say stagnation with the hardware or software, more like the thing betwe... More »
Re: Texas redheads     07/10/2015
The species is also known to occur at least in Arkansas, southern Missouri, Louisiana, Kansas, Oklah... More »
Re: Fake Mexican Restaurants     07/10/2015
@MarT: I LOVE Menudo, for breakfast with some good barbacoa, yummmy! About the only thing bette... More »


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