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Gene Pool Lighter     05/27/2015
A Russian woman posing for a selfie with a loaded gun pointed at her head accidentally pulled the tr... More »
Police     05/27/2015
Greedy politicians [img][/img]... More »
interview     05/26/2015
My dd2, in for the summer, has her first job interview tomorrow, for a part time job. ... More »
Re: Mangos     05/26/2015
If these don't get you through 5 pounds, nothing will[url= More »
Re: Looks Like I am gonna have quintuplets.     05/26/2015
Why people are not fond of shaking @ray hand... More »
Re: FLOOD SOLUTION     05/26/2015
@Retired_Engineer: Yea, but now they HAVE to build some low areas depending on how much ground y... More »
Re: FLOOD SOLUTION     05/26/2015
@tguid18: Actually, the roads are designed (sorry DESIGNED) to funnel off the water during extre... More »
Re: Funnies     05/26/2015
@Retired_Engineer: Man one of the biggest "outies" for a belly button I have ever seen! ... More »
Re: Funnies     05/26/2015
#accident... More »
Having a Bad Day?     05/26/2015
#badday... More »
Re: Don't mean to change the subject...     05/26/2015
#womenfolk Oopsie ¬†:lol:... More »
Re: Another Pets Thread     05/26/2015
#evilone... More »
Don't need visa     05/26/2015
#russiavisa... More »
Re: breaker, breaker! help help help!     05/26/2015
We had constant issues with the breakers at our old house, but the breaker box was installed on the ... More »
Re: Caution new signs up on the greenbelt     05/26/2015
Yea, it appears those "asian" mosquitoes got blown in again.Wasn't the last time we saw those right ... More »
Re: Emergency Alerts     05/26/2015
Well I just set them to vibrate, lets see how annoying that will be.It's supplied with the phone by ... More »
Cleaning your Grill (BBQ)     05/26/2015
wire-bristled grill¬†brushesTwo weeks ago, doctors in Connecticut performed emergency surgery on 52-... More »
Re: Emergency Alerts     05/26/2015
I've gotten 8 the last half hour... More »
Emergency Alerts     05/26/2015
Getting way too many over the last month. I've been getting between 5 and 20 an hour. So must time t... More »
Re: Who Owns your Car?     05/26/2015
@beastmode: Won't run without the software. might as well be the engine.... More »


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