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Re: Dinner     07/24/2016
@TXtransplant: Taste a lot like beef tongue, or really, really tender beef. Most likely if you ... More »
Re: Dinner     07/23/2016
@Fallon: Because it is so good. Duh.... More »
Dinner     07/23/2016
Got me some pork, tongue tonight [img] More »
Echo stuff     07/23/2016
Took Echo on the bayou for a walk today, she was so excited about it. She walked through the tall gr... More »
stock up........nuts are on sale!     07/23/2016
@ray, where at... More »
Re: Just some photo's I took     07/23/2016
@Annie: As I understand it, they hurt really bad when you get stung, but it goes away quickly (n... More »
Re:     07/23/2016
.... More »
Re: Just some photo's I took     07/23/2016
A wild Primrose growing along side the road.... More »
Re: Just some photo's I took     07/23/2016
I got my eye on you... More »
Re: Just some photo's I took     07/23/2016
A "cow killer" or Red Velvet Ant (really it's a flightless wasp) on my patio... More »
Just some photo's I took     07/23/2016
Some wild blackberries on the greenbelt... More »
Korean Spicy Pork Stir-fry     07/23/2016
Just for yall[facebookvideo] More »
Re: G.son has Chicken pox even after his accination     07/23/2016
When DD1 was in high school (back in the early 90's), she got Mumps. Even thou she had all the shots... More »
Re: Dealing With Protesters     07/23/2016
@Jpgurl: So my Dad wasn't the only one to say that I take it :lol: My daughters would also say ... More »
Dealing With Protesters     07/23/2016
Ronnie kknew how[facebookvideo] More »
So Hot     07/22/2016
It was 101 when I got home yesterday from DownTown.I think the furbabies have the right idea.[facebo... More »
Driving Liberals Nuts     07/22/2016
But, as you would expect, liberals are already doing everything they can to diminish Ivanka‚Äôs arti... More »
Re: Wise Guys Pizza Permanently Closed     07/22/2016
@BigBear13F: Yup, but Wise Guys was not really cheap for pizza. But they were pretty good. ... More »
Re: Let's play a meme game     07/22/2016
here is mine... More »
Let's play a meme game     07/22/2016
But it must meet the user guidelines for the site... [img] More »

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