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Xmas Ornaments     11/28/2015
. [img][/img]... More »
Xmas Ornaments     11/28/2015
. [img][/img]... More »
Rain, grocery     11/28/2015
And then there is this, Kroger 3:30 [img] More »
Pita     11/28/2015
[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Xmas Ornaments     11/28/2015
Sanatclops... More »
That Thing?     11/28/2015
If you are Curious George of nature the Thing Explainer Book will blow you away. Randall Munroe dumb... More »
Re: Walmart     11/28/2015
This was pretty much ours... More »
Re: what is the first word     11/28/2015
DRY?... More »
Re: Do ya know     11/28/2015
#douknow... More »
Furminator - be careful     11/27/2015
There are actually a lot of brushes on the market that can do this of overdone. Wire regular type ca... More »
Guard Species     11/27/2015
@deltadawn: Guess it depends on your definition off guard dog. Herd type dogs are natural gu... More »
New Things     11/27/2015
Came around the corner of the house, squirrel on the ground. Runs off, on the ground. Stopped one se... More »
New Things     11/27/2015
First time I saw A Texas mockingbird eat a holy berry. Didn't think anything ate them. But I watche... More »
Re: Two Fer thanksgiving     11/27/2015
@beadweaver: not a hook, a blade. Looks like the metal one, only plastic and not real sharp. ... More »
Eat More Meat     11/27/2015
#vegans... More »
Common Birthdays     11/27/2015
#bday... More »
Parents of Teenagers     11/27/2015
#teenagers... More »
Re: Glad I waited for Black Friday!     11/27/2015
@Chrisinkingwood: Any for photoshop Elements? I['m still using version 10... More »
Re: Two Fer thanksgiving     11/27/2015
@beadweaver: I have a bread machine, but I have also made it in a food processor (with the dough... More »
Re:     11/26/2015
Both Lowes and home depot have flower bed wire fencing that is connected, but most likely would only... More »

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