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A Dog's Purpose     08/28/2016
So Cute [youtube][/youtube]... More »
The Middle East     08/28/2016
Maybe they should give their women more power, she at least thinks things through.... More »
Obituaries     08/28/2016
I want one like that!... More »
Everyone Loves Ice Cream     08/28/2016
#icecream... More »
Jack Fruit take 2     08/27/2016
@Chrisinkingwood: I love durian also, and I think it smells good. Never had a fresh one how... More »
Jack Fruit take 2     08/27/2016
@TEXASGIRLMAMMA: The outside sure doesn't look inviting, I'll admit that. But it is very goo... More »
Re: Jack Fruit take 2     08/26/2016
@Fallon: Now all of them said it was VERY good. And it is.Did I mention it is a real bitch to c... More »
Re: Jack Fruit take 2     08/26/2016
@bubbleyes72: Love it, it's just a bitch to clean and get the fruit out. I even made english st... More »
Jack Fruit take 2     08/26/2016
At HEB today, like half an hour ago [img] More »
Re: No, we don't need a CHEERS remake!!     08/26/2016
Saw this last night on "the news", and it is suppose be a play, live, performed on stage.And they ar... More »
Re: Aggravated Stupidity     08/26/2016
@dac1842: A dog maybe, shut it down, but a CAT!? ... More »
Re: KFC's Secret Recipe revealed     08/26/2016
@WJo: Actually it is a pressure fryer, not to be confused with your home pressure cooker which w... More »
KFC's Secret Recipe revealed     08/25/2016
According to the Chicago Tribune , released by a nephew, and verified by someone who used to mix the... More »
Trump is unappealing     08/24/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
Another reason why my kids graduated from A&M     08/24/2016
And her reply to my reply [img][/... More »
Another reason why my kids graduated from A&M     08/24/2016
Text exchange between DD who had her first day of class at U.T. Austin today [img]http://www.k... More »
Which Would You Choose?     08/24/2016
@Fallon: But if you invested that 50K for 20 years..... ... More »
Echo stuff     08/24/2016
Could not keep up with Echo's hair brushing her every other day, house still full of Echo bunnies. ... More »
Re: Donald Trump called me just now....     08/24/2016
@WJo: Maybe he should start a foundation, and solstice "donations" from foreign powers like the ... More »
Re: Who know how to do corn rolls??     08/24/2016
Corn Rolls, that's a good un.... More »

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