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Info     05/31/2016
@staylifted: There is one next to olive garden on 1960. I like it, the wife does not. ... More »
Re: Chris's Lawn Service rocks!     05/31/2016
If this "Chris" dude is so good, he should come do that to my yard so I can verify. ... More »
Re: Taco Seasoning     05/31/2016
@Chrisinkingwood: No food color either, she goes, "It doesn't look "red" enough?" I told her be... More »
Re: Anyone Grow Pineapple?     05/31/2016
I have something like this I got from Lowes for like $56 5 years ago.Just keep throwing stuff in it,... More »
Re: Echo stuff     05/31/2016
I think this is what Echo thinks sometimes now... More »
Taco Seasoning     05/31/2016
DD just made this taco seasoning and it is pretty awesome.Way better than store bought stuff, and pr... More »
Re: Anyone Grow Pineapple?     05/31/2016
@Kraz2014: Or you should have read the above link that pretty much says don't do it that way :lo... More »
Re: Anyone Grow Pineapple?     05/31/2016
.[url=]Some good info. on growing pineapp... More »
Re: closure     05/31/2016
@FreebyrdII: Yes you know, or yes it is open? ... More »
The Military     05/31/2016
The same all over, I don't really miss it.... More »
Re: Cats     05/31/2016
Sleep, eat, watch the world go by, life be good... More »
Re: Cats     05/31/2016
Just not getting this whole toydie thang, me likie litter box more... More »
Cats     05/31/2016
See, I can do da intraweb thingy too!... More »
What It's Like To Have Kids     05/31/2016
#kids... More »
Texas news     05/31/2016
Lunch! [img][/img]... More »
Texas news     05/31/2016
The rig count has increased with off shore drilling being done in central Texas [img]http://ww... More »
Re-homing a parrot     05/30/2016
If you can't find a friend or relative that wants it, check with a bird store, they usually know a b... More »
Anyone Grow Pineapple?     05/30/2016
@beastmode: And have sharp pointy needle like things on the end of every leaf. ... More »
Echo stuff     05/30/2016
You interrupt my frogging, I use my fire eyes to burn your soul human [img]http://www.kingwood... More »
Echo stuff     05/30/2016
FROG! [img][/img]... More »

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