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Men, cool or lame     12/09/2016
I like some of them ... More »
ACA (bummercare)     12/09/2016
Just read that 84℅ of the people who sign up for it, get subsidies. ... More »
Zika zone     12/09/2016
Has shifted from Florida to Texas. That's all. ... More »
$748 Millon Loss for Sears     12/09/2016
Growing up in the 60 and 70's, penny's, Kmart and Sears were our places of choice and Woolworths. Ev... More »
Election Spending     12/09/2016
@ET: Smart guy he is, will be nice to have one in the president's spot for a change, huh?... More »
Election Spending     12/09/2016
Yet he spent less than Clinton. A lot less. ... More »
Who installs security cameras?     12/09/2016
I wish I could remember the company name, but when we moved in, the phone company would not run new ... More »
Election Spending     12/09/2016
Period of Oct-28 through Nov-28 Trump - $94.5 M Clinton - $131.8 M Receipts for the period ... More »
Elf on the shelf..pfft     12/09/2016
Do you know where your elf is at 2AM? [img] More »
Elf on the shelf..pfft     12/08/2016
Little devil [img][/img]... More »
Oh dang     12/08/2016
Looks like I need a new router, dang it!Have to reboot it to get wifi to work.... More »
Contest - T&T Tree Service....     12/08/2016
I so need this, no trade... More »
Elf on the shelf..pfft     12/08/2016
Can be such kidders also [img][/i... More »
Federal Judge stops Michigan recount     12/08/2016
My guess would be one of; Hillary group asked them to (don't know if any promises were made) OR Sh... More »
Elf on the shelf..pfft     12/08/2016
But they can be so helpful this time of year. [img] More »
Hardware Question     12/08/2016
@ZMAN: OK, wondered about that, why later I suggested Velcro ribbon (plain) and silicon glue... More »
Instant access to your car     12/07/2016
A new device sold in Europe, can give thieves instant access to your car, and in some models, allow ... More »
I'm going to missed Obama     12/07/2016
@TexasOma: Probably violence, if recent events are any indications.... More »
Rooftop restaurants     12/07/2016
Google/Bing is your friend [url= More »
I'm going to missed Obama     12/07/2016
I wish we had this here. It would be so helpful. Los Angeles school district opens hot line, and ... More »

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