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If you have a swimming pool, itís very important to take proper care of your pool with regular maintenance, to keep it in a good condition so that you can use and enjoy it fully. A pool is great escape to have some fun during hot afternoons in summers, as long as it's taken care of properly. It's important to have your pool regularly cleaned, maintain healthy pH levels, service pool equipment, and check filtration system regularly; ensuring proper water circulation and sanitation. Below is a list of local Kingwood pool maintenance and service companies for your convenience:

Serving Kingwood and Surrounding Areas..., Kingwood, TX  ( Map )
(832) 248-0948      Email
Custom Pool Builder, Weekly Service, Salt System Installations, All Pool Repairs, Swimming Pool Remodeling, Equipment Upgrades -- Free Estimates!
Serving Kingwood and surrounding areas, Kingwood, TX  ( Map )
(713) 446-6796      Email
Are you happy with your lawn and pool care? Four Seasons Landscaping and Lawn Care is large enough to take care of all your needs, yet small enough to care. Visit our new pool site @ www.FSLBluePools.com
Serving Kingwood and surrounding area, Kingwood, TX  ( Map )
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We have been a leader in customer satisfaction since 1999 and offer pool resurfacing, remodeling & renovations to enhance the beauty of your pool and backyard. Looking for a new look, an update or just want to give your backyard a makeover? We can help!
1420 FM 1960 East, Suite 100, Humble, TX  ( Map )
(281) 550-7665 - (832) 816-4343      Email
Since 1978, Fox Family Pools has provided the Kingwood / Atascocita area with the finest service for all pool care needs. Come and discover who we are and what we can do for you.
Serving Kingwood, Atascocita, Humble and surrounding areas, Kingwood, TX  ( Map )
(281) 974-9005      Email
Locally owned and operated, we at Clear Blue Water Pools pride ourselves in building relationships with each one of our clients. You will always know who is coming to your home to take the best possible care of all of your swimming pool needs.

1601 Cypress Ln, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 359-0099
4582 KINGWOOD DR , Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 760-5930      Email
1412 Kingwood Dr., Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 677-8597
(281) 615-5566      Email
1122 Kingwood Dr., Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 360-7024      Email
(281) 705-6642      Email
(713) 609-9489      Email
(281) 359-0961      Email
526 Kingwood Dr., #194, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 359-7946
(281) 881-7108      Email
(281) 361-7665      Email
11023 Maple Rock Dr., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 917-4252      Email
(866) 838-6258      Email
4321 Kingwood Dr. #15, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 713-8180
(281) 520-6468      Email
(281) 883-6753      Email
3915 Hermitage Hollow LN, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 889-7752      Email
1701 Northpark Dr. Ste. 28, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 913-5835      Email
2103 N. Houston Ave. , Humble, TX  ( Map )
(281) 358-5909      Email
Since 1978, weíve provided the Kingwood area with superior pool supplies, maintenance & cleaning services at great prices. From weekly maintenance to essential repairs, our experts can figure out exactly what your pool needs. Call or visit our website!
Serving Kingwood and surrounding areas, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (832) 452-5959      Email
2130 Oak Shores Dr., Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (832) 607-4975      Email
Serving Kingwood and surrounding areas, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (713) 548-4880      Email
(281) 883-9142      Email
8511 Rigby Ct., Humble, TX  ( Map )
(281) 450-2536      Email
Making Neighbors Green with Envy! Landscape Design, Complete Lawn Maintenance, Pool Cleaning Service, Holiday Lighting, Decorating Services. Free Estimates, Insured. Call NOW for up to 25% off your first service!
4425 Kingwood Dr. , Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 360-3535      Email
(281) 768-9692      Email
5414 Garden Village Dr. , Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 812-2401      Email

Kaceyrs's review of Clear Blue Water Pools:
05 / 05 / 2015
kaceyrs writes:
"We were completely unhappy with their service. We told them to stop billing us because it was obvious they were not cleaning the pool or checking the equipment like they claimed.

When reported to the owner, he was indifferent to our displeasure. Apparently, this sentence taking directly from their website, means nothing: "At Clear Blue Water Pools, our reputation is everything, and we make sure you are COMPLETELY SATISFIED every time."

No way to run a business.

A completely unsatisfied customer!"
Tennistime's review of Hydro Pools:
06 / 17 / 2014
tennistime writes:
"I had horrible experience with this company. I do not recommend them at all. Customer service is a major problem. Pump on our pool isn't working after they sent a new pool guy. Called days ago. She acts like they are too busy. I looked online for another company to use and it sent her my name so she called up an said they weren't coming even though I paid for the month and they needed to follow up on the pump. Now I was left in the lurch. She is very condescending."

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