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Pet Sales -- Dog and cat sales in the classifieds are OK, as long as the adoption fee is $125 or less. All other types of animal sales are OK (as long as they are legal). More details about our pet sales policy can be found here.

Real Estate Ads -- real estate agents and brokers are allowed to post houses for sale with their business' info, as long as they are advertising a specific property.

Business Solicitations -- should be flagged. More information about what counts as a business solicitation can be found here.

Not Local -- the classifieds are open to anyone in the North Houston area. Ex. - Porter, TX and Spring, TX ads are OK. Dallas, TX ads should be flagged.

Scams -- if you think an ad is a scam, please flag it! Send supporting conversations or emails if possible.

Gun Sales -- private gun sales are legal and allowed in the state of Texas and on this website's classifieds.

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