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My Fit Foods
2500 Green Oak Dr., Suite B
Kingwood, TX  77339   ( Map )
Phone: (281) 359-9565
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Welcome to MyFitFoods where you will lose unhealthy body fat, increase your energy levels, feel great and take your body back.

2500 Green Oak Dr., Ste B
Kingwood, TX


Losing weight, feeling great and eating high quality nutritious meals with today’s time pressed schedules can often be overwhelming. My Fit Foods is your solution to healthy meals to go that taste great.

Say good-bye to hours of grocery shopping, cooking, dishes and frustration about how to eat healthy and say hello to a healthy high-energy lifestyle, made simple. My Fit Foods provides fresh, healthy portioned meals that taste great.

Whether you are stopping by to pick up a quick meal or snack, or utilizing our complimentary full service consultation to design a meal plan around our 21-Day Challenge, we have products and services to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals. We know that 80% of your health and fitness results are based on the type of fuel you put in your body. We are here to make eating healthy a reality for any lifestyle.

We offer a wide variety of:

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch

    • Dinner
    • Low Carb Meals
    • Fruits
    •  Snacks

    • Meals
    • Pounds and Sides

    • Supplements
    • Waters

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  • 80% of your results come from nutrition.
  • Make no mistakes you are what you eat.
  • Here are a few reasons to eat MyFitFoods.

Our Benefits Summary

  • Lose Fat
  • Increase energy levels
  • Increase your HDL’s & lower the LDL’s
  • Fresh Healthy Meals
  • Healthy Sodium Levels
  • Low glycemic carbohydrates
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Cardiologist recommended
  • Dietitian endorsed
  • Low Sugar
  • Dietitian endorsed
  • Low Sugar
  • Quality Micro-nutrients
  • Portion Controlled
  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Priced just right

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If you want a kick start to losing weight and eating right, eat My Fit Foods!

"My main goal as I began the 21 day challenge was to drop a few pounds before I went through a surgery to donate a kidney to my brother-in-law. My second goal was to get a good idea of portion size for each meal as well as different food options. I went through the liver cleanse as well as all 21 days and am very proud to say that I lost 11 lbs (from 185 to 174) and three inches around my waist. Eating the right foods at the right time made all the difference in the world. I included 30 minute walks (only about half the time). I definitely saw a bigger difference in the days that I walked. My encouragement to those who are waivering on whether to take on "the Challenge" is to get past the excuses and do it. If I can get past the no-caffeine headaches than anybody can. I'm in sales, if I can work in my meals by carrying them with me, then anybody can. And if I can lose 11 lbs in 21 days, anybody can. Thanks to Dustin and Liz at the My Fit Foods in Kingwood for all of their support and encouraging emails."
 Jason Archinal - Kingwood, Texas

Now at My Fit Foods...My Fit Water

Selling Points

  • Bottled by Mountain Valley.  This is considered America’s finest spring water and many people consider it America’s “Evian”.
  • pH of 7.8
This is a very alkaline pH for most drinking waters. The pH scale is from 0 to 14.   1to 6.9 is acidic, 7 is neutral, and 7.1 to 14 is alkaline.  Most waters are all acidic except for Fiji, Evian, and Mountain Valley.  Tap water is neutral but cheap additives are added to change its pH and mask the chlorine and other toxins. 
  • High in Calcium, Magnesium, and many Trace Minerals
The presence of these alkaline minerals is the reason why the pH is higher and it is so nourishing to the body.  It has a small amount of naturally occurring fluoride (teeth) and is low in sodium.
  • From a true spring in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Bottled for over 100 years and known nationally for its health improving qualities.  It takes an estimated 3,500 years to create this water from a rain drop that travels down the mountain all the way into the aquifer and all the way back up the mountain through a spring.  This is how all the different minerals are collected in the water. 
  • Drinking alkaline water is beneficial for supporting the body’s pH
Just as we teach our customers that Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Juice are both ways to help our body’s pH, drinking water is also an important way to shift the blood to be more alkaline.  The blood in the body ranges from a pH of 7.35 to 7.45. Those with a higher blood pH of 7.45 have the capacity to carry 60% more oxygen.  That is important for all basic aspects of health but keep in mind that it will help prime the metabolism and help people burn fat more efficiently. Alcohol, coffee, junk food, and stress are all very acidic to the body. 

Drinking the My Fit Cocktail, eating our food, and drinking an alkaline water are all perfect ways to enhance pH, detoxification, and wake up the metabolism.
Meg McCall B.S., M.S. Candidate in Human Nutrition
Corporate Nutritionist

Call us today 281.359.9565

2500 Green Oak Dr., Ste B
Kingwood, TX


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