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Let Air Innovations cool you down with industry leading service & support. We’re proud to serve residential homeowners, general contractors, home builders & commercial business owners with their projects, repairs & new installations of comfort systems.
Serving Kingwood and Surrounding Areas…, Kingwood, TX  ( Map )
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Our highly qualified technicians will complete a precision tune-up of your heating or cooling system. We will provide a written report & make the necessary recommendations for improved quality. Give us a call today!
1701 Northpark Dr., Kingwood, TX  ( Map )
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We are your premier family owned and operated air conditioning repair and installation service serving the good people of Kingwood, Humble and the surrounding communities. 20 years experience.
9490 FM 1960, #200, Humble, TX  ( Map )
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We are a family owned and operated business since 1988 serving Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita and Spring. Our rating at the BBB is A+, and we offer special financing on repair and installation. Furnace prices start at $1,499. Call us today at 713-900-4559.
21352 Terreton Springs Dr, Kingwood, TX  ( Map )
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Kingwood family owned and operated...Madd Air Heating and Cooling provides an honest answer for all of your air conditioning and heating needs. We can tackle the toughest of jobs with integrity and reliability..Free Estimates-Never a Trip Charge!
311 North Houston, #200, Humble, TX  ( Map )
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Elite Comfort A/C & Heating has been in the business for many years. We've worked hard to make sure our staff knows the most up-to-date information about all of your heating and cooling needs. Keeping you cool and warm is our primary goal! 832-309-3771.
Serving Kingwood, Atascocita, Humble, The Woodlands, Tomball, Cypress, Magnolia, Conroe and North Houston, Kingwood, TX  ( Map )
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We strive to offer the absolute best residential & commercial air conditioning & heating services anywhere! Customer satisfaction is our #1 concern. That’s why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Call us today! We’ll treat you like family!

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1701 Northpark Dr., Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 441-4500      Email
6023 Knollwood Trail, Spring , TX  ( Map ) - (832) 326-5687      Email
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66356 Spring Cypress Road, Spring, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 251-3143      Email
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21537 Dogwood Dr, New Caney, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 354-5528
2710 Roman Ct, New Caney, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 399-4688
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19510 Nehoc Ln, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 852-3705
142 Davis St, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 446-8741
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5811 Fm 1960 Rd E, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 358-6796
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2307 Sun Spring Ct, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 361-7232
21361 Cherry St, New Caney, TX  ( Map ) - (832) 233-4991      Email
21384 Ruth Dr., New Caney, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 236-9695      Email
(281) 354-8888
19435 Kacey Lane Ct., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 459-9500      Email
1824 Rotary Dr, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 446-7820
1118 1st St E, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 540-7552
19502 Riverwalk Dr, Porter, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 354-8786
5990 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 441-4458
1209 1st St E Ste C, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 446-3453
314 Kernohan Street , Crosby, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 328-1277      Email
2005 Fm 1960 Bypass Rd E, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 446-4272
515 1st St E, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 358-3225
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38 Wilson Rd. Ste. D , Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 852-2778      Email
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208 Staitti St, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 548-3875
4582 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (713) 572-5437      Email
311 N. Houston Ave., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (832) 309-3771      Email
20302 Water Point Trail, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 913-5449      Email
20627 N Navasota Dr, New Caney, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 354-8866
Serving North Houston, Kingwood, TX  ( Map )
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Here at ENVIROSAFE we want to provide a safe, quality indoor working or living environment for you and your family. We offer air duct cleaning, chimney cleaning and dryer vent cleaning and we repair them as well. Free estimates!
Serving Kingwood and surrounding areas..., Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (832) 366-4862      Email
221141 Pinetex, New Caney, TX  ( Map ) -      Email
1730 1st St E, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 446-6719
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25428 Loop 494 Ste. C , Porter, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 354-3178      Email
1730 Lakeshore Dr, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 441-1403
131 Wilson Rd, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 446-8345
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PO BOX 2366, Crosby, TX   - (281) 462-8146      Email
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21456 W Knox Dr., Porter, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 354-7343
(281) 812-2664
20153 Russell Dr., Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 359-4065
26910 Coach Light , new caney, TX  ( Map ) - (832) 347-4919      Email
22424 Loop 494, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 358-0955
P.O. Box 5551, Kingwood, TX   - (281) 358-2422      Email
23594 FM 1314, Porter, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 354-2922
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407 Isaacks Rd, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 446-2371
20264 FM 1314, Porter, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 429-2665
(281) 657-7296
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(281) 328-8641
23736 Hwy 59, Porter, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 358-0977
6425 Storey Dr, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 441-2800
810 E 1st St, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 540-4517
2626 Wilson Rd., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 540-2983
20520 Cypresswood Dr., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 441-3189
1208 E 1st St., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 446-4355
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2600 Wilson Rd., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 540-2206
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1930 Humble Place Dr, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 446-3116
21852 Whispering Forest Dr. , Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 210-8469
P.O. Box 6664, Kingwood, TX   - (281) 495-4727      Email
22221 Fatheree Dr., Porter, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 354-3775
5418 Forest Timber Dr., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 812-6606      Email
(281) 446-2626
2723 Cedarville Dr., Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 360-9898      Email
8311 E FM 1960, Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 360-2653
Serving Kingwood, The Woodlands, Houston and surrounding areas, Kingwood, TX  ( Map ) - (832) 614-9054      Email
92 Wilson Rd., Humble, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 548-2686
22290 Fatheree Dr., Porter, TX  ( Map ) - (281) 354-2905

03 / 13 / 2015
SSRothe writes:
"I have been a long time customer of this company. In fact, 11 years ago they installed zoning in my home which cost around $4000. I contacted them in January 2015 for a bid to install a new Lennox heating and cooling system. The salesperson/designer assessed the unit and advised that the zoning system needed to be updated as well. I agreed to a new HVAC and the updating of the zoning. I signed the proposal for the following Lennox products: condenser, evaporator, furnace, air cleaner, and iComfort thermostat system. I also wanted an extended warranty for parts and labor and was charged so. The full amount was over $16,000. Near the scheduled date of installation, I asked about the thermostats. I was told by the same salesperson/designer that I would not be receiving new thermostats because they are not compatible with my system. I did not understand because all the products were supposed to be Lennox. He said that there was a diagnostic problem. I insisted that I needed new technology thermostats. He said that he might be able to use WiFi Honeywell instead. He altered the contract, crossing out iComfort and substituting Honeywell. I did not initial any changes. I think that this is a case of deceptive business practices as I will explain. Some days later I questioned the salesperson and was told that the zoning board was not changed which is why the iComfort thermostats were not compatible. The agreement was to update the zoning and provide the agreed upon products. Bottom line is that they performed a partial zoning update and did not install products as outlined in the contract. The company said that if I paid an additional $3050 that they would install a Lennox zoning board and the 2 Lennox iComfort thermostats. Buyer Beware when dealing with this company. The company is not a "100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed" as they advertize. An example of their workmanship: When they changed the media filter air cleaner from Honeywell to Lennox, they installed the used Honeywell filter which was too large for the Lennox housing. They shoved it in and taped down the lid."
Midaar's review of Madd Air-Heating and Cooling :
01 / 28 / 2015
midaar writes:
"I am in the business of renovating homes. Several years ago I was approached by the owner of Madd Air asking for my business. He was confidant and very well informed in what the City of Houston required. He explained that he had been in the business for several years, but was branching out and starting his own company. I took a chance on Madd and couldn't be more satisfied.

I have used Madd Air for several homes I have renovated, I have referred them to friends and have even used them for my personal home. The in field and back office service has always been prompt and honest at a competitive price.

I am a very satisfied customer!"
Mama09's review of Madd Air-Heating and Coolin:
01 / 23 / 2015
Mama09 writes:
"This is an excellent company, we couldn't be more happier with the service! The owner Charlie was recommended to us because of his knowledge and quality of work. We will continue to use MADD Air for all our services. Thank you!"
Michaelphoto42's review of A Affordable Comfort LLC:
01 / 20 / 2015
"A Affordable Comfort replaced my A.C. and heating system. He advised me on the best products, the system requirements, and gave me an accurate estimate of the cost. The work was done in a timely manner by the owner Scott Streby. He did a fantastic job. Everything was done it a top quality professional manner. My wife and I are completely satisfied with the company and would recommend them to anyone who needs A.C. or heating work done. The A.C. unit he installed is quiet and efficient. Our electric bill has been reduced and we have not had any problems.
Michael Boyd"
Jrbrooks's review of A Affordable Comfort LLC:
12 / 22 / 2014
jrbrooks writes:
"A Affordable Comfort A/C and Heating is an excellent company that I would highly recommend to anyone. The owner, Scott Streby is a man of integrity and character and will not leave until you are completely satisfied with his work. He is also a man that can be trusted to evaluate your A/C and heating problems honestly without trying to sell you things or repairs you do not need. If you are looking to get quality work at a fair price, without worrying about paying for things you don't need then give Scott a call. You won't be disappointed."
Lisabetty9553's review of A Affordable Comfort LLC:
12 / 22 / 2014
"Excellent Service! A/C unit stolen and 1 unit vandalized at our business location. Called and they were on site within a few hours and we received estimate the same day. Had A/C replaced and the other repaired in just a short time. Went above and beyond to get us up and running for the sake of the business. Would highly recommend him to everyone!"
Scentsylady's review of Kingwood Air Repair:
09 / 25 / 2014
scentsylady writes:
"These guys are awesome. We had a very old system in our house that was not cooling at all. The head technician came in and was as honest as can be. They brought us portable a/c's for the night and came back the next morning and in no time, we had a whole new system. They cleaned up there mess and we didn't even know they where here. The next day the lady in the office even called to make sure everything was good. Great People!!"
Kcs214's review of Kingwood Air Repair:
08 / 29 / 2014
kcs214 writes:
"Our AC went out just before July 4th holiday. Kingwood Air Repair came out and even though it would require a major overhaul of our A/C system, they were able to fit us into their schedule and get the work done in one day. They even provided a portable unit for the day we were without A/C. One more big plus; Our electric bills this summer have been cut almost in half! Keep in mind we had an old, outdated unit so this won't hold true for everyone. Great work, great service and very fair price. I am glad we used Kingwood Air Repair and would highly recommend."
Sbrudin's review of Kingwood Air Repair:
08 / 08 / 2014
sbrudin writes:
"I can not recommend Kingwood Air Repair highly enough. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that if anything goes wrong with my HVAC, Aldin and his crew are only a phone call away. They are professional, clean, reasonably priced, technically sound, and always willing to help in anyway they can. It is now Friday at 9:30PM and they just left after fixing my unit that went out yesterday. Aldin told me that it might not be until tomorrow when he could make it, but at 7:00PM he and his crew arrived. He did not want me to suffer through another hot night. What a guy. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed."
Shaymomx5's review of Madd Air heating and cooling:
06 / 16 / 2014
shaymomx5 writes:
"Happy happy happy. I couldn't be more pleased with this company. Charlie was recommended to me because of his stand up and honest character. I have heard and been victim of some less than scrupulous ac repairman. You won't find that here. Knowledgeable and honest. I will call no one else from now on. No trip charge. No estimate fees. Polite and courteous. How could you ask for anything more? Thank you!"
Cluna0129's review of Madd Air-Heating and Cooling :
05 / 05 / 2014
cluna0129 writes:
"This is a company that I would definitely recommend to everyone, which I already have. We have been using their services for over 2 years. My husband found them in Angie's List and decided to give them a try based on all the great reviews. They have not let us down! We have been loyal customers due to their great customer service, reliability, wonderful work, prompt service, and friendly attitude. We recently had a change in our economic status, gone from two incomes to one. When our air conditioner broke down we called Madd Air. Charlie came over right away and told us that we would need to replace our units. This made me nervous, especially with our economic situation. He worked with us and they installed the units the next day. They were in and out in under 3 hours, which was a relief because we have a 1 year old boy. He has always been considerate of our children. On a previous visit he filled our unit with freon until he could come back the following day with a part he needed to purchase. This meant my kids didn't need to worry about sweating all night long. Thank you guys for being so wonderful!"

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